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Bringing before you a solution for all your sustainable luggage needs, Paravel is an Italian brand run by a third-generation family-owned atelier. The products made by them are stitched to perfection with a large life-span. They give a 5-year warranty and swear by their impeccable quality. Having received awards for innovation, they are climate neutral and follow a culture that takes care of the Earth. The bags feature a fully recycled polycarbonate exterior shell, recycled PET lining, vegan leather-wrapped steel handles and recycled zippers. They follow a strict code of social responsibility and are therefore known as a truly ethical travel luggage brand.
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A sustainable brand that also allows you to customize your luggage, Roam delivers perfection in performance and takes care of every small detail. This USA-based company uses fine components to create unique designs based on your fashion palette. They also have a gallery of existing products, if one does not choose the made-to-order facility. Their bags come with a lifetime warranty to cover all the non-cosmetic damages. Highly committed to making travel feel luxurious by using lighter and stronger material, they are truly avant-garde. The products are made keeping the eco-friendly approach in mind, showcasing high quality craftsmanship.
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3. LO & SONS
Leaving a positive impact on the planet and the lives of people, is what Lo & Sons strive towards. The minority owned family business that is on a mission to empower and inspire. The luggage is functional and eco-friendly as they are made out of organic canvas or recycled polyester. Earning a name as one of the best-selling brands, this small Asian-American owned business focuses on strategy as one of their key characteristics. All the decisions made are backed up by research, intentions and convenience. The designs are smart, sophisticated and timeless. The key to their success is the well-balanced combination of purpose and pursuit.
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With its headquarters in Ventura, California, Patagonia was founded by Yvon Chouinard—an American environmentalist and businessman. Known worldwide for their collection of outdoor clothing, they have an extensive collection of bags and gears recommended for high-impact movements. The heavy duty wheeled duffle–their top selling product, is made out of 100 percent recycled material but doesn’t come with an assurance of being weather resistant. Guaranteeing durability, style and responsibility towards nature, it is a wise choice for all your travel needs. They also own a second-hand shop called ‘Worn Wear,’ to extend the life of your product and recycle the items or trade them to reduce the carbon,waste and water footprints.
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Travel mindfully with Monos. Their philosophy is to “greet the world with open eyes and arms, and an open mind and heart.” They are named after the Japanese concept “mono no aware”, which means appreciation of beauty in fleeting moments. The brand is committed to create travel products that are practical with a minimalistic design. The hues of your suitcase can be chosen according to your personality, and the best part is that you can even mix and match. They believe that less is more and that luxury need not be loud and flashy. The understated aesthetics is what sets them apart.
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