House of the Dragon fans, you can now visit the famous Dragonstone in real life! 


“There are two sides to every story, and all must choose one!” But, don’t you worry, we are not asking you to make any choices as Princess Rhaenyra and Prince Aegon ask their subjects, you can simply do both and visit all the places you want. The House of the Dragon (HOTD) season 2 trailer just dropped and people are in a frenzy. The show will air in June and excited HOTD fans are on the edge of their seats waiting. Amid all this excitement, let us tell what’s even more exciting! All dragon fans and travel enthusiasts can now pack their bags as they can now take trips to all the locations House of the Dragons was filmed at. The prequel to the epic series Game of Thrones (GOT) travels across three European countries–– England, Portugal and Spain. At these stunning locations, feel the presence of all characters this fantasy drama features and maybe enact a scene or two! 


Cáceres, Extremadura, Spain

Caceres, Spain


Take a walk on the old cobbled streets of Cáceres, depicted as King’s Landing, not just House of the Dragon, but in Game of Thrones too! This walled city, is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, with history of its own. The historic city’s foundations are a mix of Gothic, Moorish, and Renaissance architecture making it perfect to serve as Dragon ruler’s realm. Near this city, Trujillo is situated, which was used as exteriors of the King’s Landing in HOTD and Castle of Trujillo was shown as Casterly Rock in GOT.


Castleton, Derbyshire, England


Castleton, a high-peaked village in Derbyshire is shown as The Vale of Arryn. You can visit these lofty peaks from London by a car or bus in five to six hours. Here, the limestone valley, Cave Dale and Eldon Hill Quarry are used as a prime shooting location in HOTD. This flourishing valley is already a tourist spot, thanks to its scenic locales and lush greenery.


St. Michael’s Mount, Cornwall, England


A haven for travellers, St. Michael’s Mount is a rocky tidal island with refreshing greenery, azure waters, and historic architecture. These exact features make this location a perfect House of the Dragon filming spot. The mediaeval church from the 12th century situated on the island serves as the series’ fictional Driftmark (home of House Velaryon) in Blackwater Bay. Here, take long walks near the beach surrounding the main castle. Additionally, you can also visit a nearby location, Kynance Cove, which is to the east of Mount’s Bay and boasts a pristine beach that is depicted as Velaryon camp in the show.


Monsanto, Portugal


A historical town, nestled in central Portugal, serves as the ancestral home for House Targaryen. Casually, wander in this Dragonstone’s doppelgänger city, created over 500 years ago and take in all its historic charm. The historic city landscape features hilltop prehistoric rock formations, a mediaeval clock tower and granite cottages that sit between giant boulders. Make sure to visit Mons Sanctus—a very steep hill blanketed with burnt red and orange coloured roof houses.


La Calahorra, Granada, Spain           

The La Calahorra municipality in the east of Granada is portrayed as the fictional city Pentos located adjacent to the seas of Westeros. Also, one of its staple landmarks, a castle, locally known as Castillo de La Calahorra, is shown as House Targaryen in the show. The origin of this castle traces back to the Moors and the exteriors of this castle is gothic making it one of the first Renaissance-inspired structures in Spain. You can reach here via a flight to Granada airport or take a bus or car ride from nearby city, Seville.

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