5 Icy-Cold Destinations Across The World To Take The Polar Plunge!

Calling all adventure-seekers to take the polar plunge challenge at these frosty destinations.

There are many unique things worth experiencing at least once, and a ‘Polar Plunge’ is definitely one of them. Polar plunge is a dip in ice cold water and it’s way more fun than it sounds! Sure, the water’s shockingly cold, but that’s part of the thrill. The extreme experience­­––one that may feel like countless needle piercings at once, will leave you feeling both exhilarated, relieved (and maybe screaming a little!) when it’s over. This activity not only satiates the quest for adventure but also delivers health benefits. Going polar plunging is a rite of passage for visitors to Antarctic and Arctic circles, which is slowly gaining tremendous popularity in other chilly nations as well. Sure, at first one can find it freezing, but imagine the serious bragging rights you’ll earn with a cool story to tell to friends and family. Here, check these freezing destinations around the world for an exciting polar plunge.




 There’s nothing quite like taking the polar plunge in the Southern Ocean. Antarctica, a continent of whites, with its freezing temperature and icy-cold waters is perfect for taking a dive. Though there aren’t any specific spots for polar plunging in Antarctica, many expedition cruises offer polar plunges as an optional activity, usually weather permitting. These plunges typically take place near the shore, in a calm cove that’s free of ice floes (flat floating piece of ice) such as Deception Island–– a volcanic island, and Wilhelmina Bay (where, while you plunge, you can also enjoy stunning wildlife scenery). With some of the lowest temperatures on the planet, this snowy continent offers other unique activities as well, that you can opt for during your trip.


Cold Lake, Canada

Cold Lake, Canada

 Canada’s incredible cold with temperatures as low as -40ºC and chilling winds, makes it one of the most popular places for polar plunging. A quick dive into Alberta’s Cold Lake will be an experience of a lifetime. By going deep into the crystal clear water of this lake you’ll also find fine pink-and-purple garnet grains. Also, you can watch the Northern Lights and enjoy a moonlit swim under the stars, if you wait until dark. A three and half hour drive northeast of Edmonton will take you to Alberta’s Cold Lake.


​​Joutolampi Lake, Finland

Joutolampi, Finland

 Take a chilly dip underneath the infamous Northern Lights surrounded by a thicket of ancient pine in Lapland’s Lake Joutolampi. The temperature of this lake is so low that all the polar plungers are suggested to wear a special waterproof ‘float suit’. A dip in the lake’s frigid waters will pump your senses and leave you truly rejuvenated. After taking a cold plunge here, warm yourself up by a fire and drink blueberry juice from a kuksa (a wooden cup) for a true Finnish experience.


Lofoten, Norway


 This Nordic country is known for its love for ice swimming! Here, take an icy dip in the Arctic Ocean near the shores of Lofoten archipelago­­­ which boasts dramatic scenery and jagged granite mountains. Take in the Arctic air while you go plunging in Hamnøy, Sakrisøya, Reine or Nusfjord (gems of Lofoten islands collection). In winters, this idyllic place is covered in snow and frozen lakes making it a winter wonderland for the travellers. Do remember to warm up after the cold plunge with a glass of local firewater (Nordic alcohol), Aquavit.


Yakutsk, Siberia


 Yakutsk is the world’s coldest city with mercury as low as -60ºC and living here is an adventure itself! By simply staying outside in Yakutsk, you can freeze (literally) and what better way to use the sub-zero conditions of the city than a polar plunge. For the locals here, taking a dip in the frosty water is an extreme sport (which they enjoy occasionally). However, for travellers, this activity is only carried out under professional guidance.

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