Rolex is the most recognised brand in the world. The legendary Swiss maison has been producing the world’s most desired watches since 1905. From having been to Mount Everest to the deepest end of the ocean viz. the Mariana trench—these rugged, built-to-last watches have been inspired by every part of the geography of the world. These watches can be seen sported by a host of celebrities on the red carpet to wildlife explorers. Every single one of these watches have been hand-assembled by skilled watchmakers and its components are made using state-of-the-art machining tools.
While every Rolex is a piece de resistance, we round up our top five models that are not only unique but the most-coveted ones. Take a look, for this is the ‘right time’ to invest in these timeless timepieces – 
Rolex Meteorite Day-Date Ref. 228239

Credits – www.rolex.com

This watch is out of this world, literally. Crafted in precious 18k white gold, it features a meteorite dial crafted with the fragments of the Gibeon Meteorite that crashed into the earth many millennia ago. Rumour has it that the legendary watchmaker is short on meteorite supplies, making this watch even more special. 
Rolex ‘Rainbow’ Daytona Ref. 116595RBOW

Credits – https://nuvomagazine.com

This watch is truly extravagant as it is crafted in 18K rose gold (also available in rose and white gold). The bezel is set with a gradient of multi-coloured sapphires and the grading in colour from one stone to the next is absolutely seamless hence earning the nickname ‘rainbow’. This off-catalogue watch is produced in extremely limited quantities, thus commanding sky high prices!
Rolex Day-Date Stella Dial Reference number 180XX

Credits – https://hairspring.com

The colourful Stella dial Rolex Day-Dates were first produced in the 1970s. This collection is named after the Swiss maison’s Geneva paint supplier. The Stella colours are oxblood, red, orange, blue, green, turquoise, peach, salmon, pink, yellow, and purple with the latter being the rarest. Rolex, allegedly, destroyed batches of Stella dials as they were unsellable at the time—one reason why they are so rare today!
Rolex OP Tiffany Blue Reference number 124300

Credits – www.bobswatches.com

This modern but now discontinued 41mm size Oyster Perpetual is extremely desirable. The timepiece is named ‘Tiffany’ in spite of having nothing to do with the jewellery maison— but all thanks to its beautiful colour. Featuring modern Rolex components, this watch keeps time highly accurately and elevates your look stylishly!
Rolex ‘Big Crown’ Submariner Ref. 6538

Credits – www.windvintage.com

This Rolex Submariner is commonly referred to as the ‘James Bond’ after it made an iconic feature in the late Sir Sean Connery’s 1962 Bond flick ‘Dr. No’. Produced only in the latter half of the 1950s, this watch features an unusually big crown which is not seen on any other Rolex! That’s one of the reasons that makes it an extremely coveted and expensive piece.


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