You do not have to be a gunzel to admire these magnificent locomotives. These trains do not merely ease your long-distance travel needs but also provide the ultimate luxury travel experience on wheels. Entailing features like butler service and , these trains are not only known for their efficient functionality but for their impeccable, lavish hospitality, opulent interiors, and their capability to provide the luxury travel experience.

[1] Venice Simplon Orient Express
Fulfilling your desire to star in your own Agatha Christie style mystery story, Venice Simplon Orient Express gained fame for the renowned Orient Express used in the story. Venice Simplon Orient Express comes across as the exquisite, vintage train that is sheathed regally in navy and gold finery and white roof. The annual journey between Paris and Istanbul is one of the incredible journeys offered by the rail service. She covers a number of cities across the continent. The cost of the Grand Suite for the same route is £31,000. The other stay options on the Orient Express


[2] Eastern & Oriental Express, SE Asia
Explore the tropical, scenic landscapes of South East Asia with Eastern & Oriental Express. The luxury train offers six journey packages in which the following cities are covered: Bangkok, Kuala Lumpur, and Singapore. The cost ranges from USD 2800 to USD 4500. The train enhances your luxury travel experience with a wide range of services. There are three stay options in this luxury train – Presidential, State and Pullman.


[3] Seven Stars, Kyushu
Began its journey in the year 2013, Seven Stars is the very first luxury train in Japan. The train has been offering stays on the basis of a lottery system due to excessive demand for this unique luxury travel experience. Seven Stars is a meld of the western elements and the Japanese culture. It offers one a 14 day luxury tour package that includes a little more than cruising along the country. The package covers some of the unique features like a private meet and greet with a sumo wrestler, conversations over tea with a geisha, etc. The average cost per person at Seven Stars is approximately USD 53315 for a single suite.


[4] Rovos Rail Pride of Africa
The 11-day tour on the Rovos Rail Pride of Africa is, in fact, a luxury trek. The trail encompasses many activities like cruising to watch the sunset on Zambezi river, exploring Chishimba Falls and Victoria Falls, etc. The cost of a royal suite is USD 45,800. She begins from Cape Town and finishes at Dar es Salam.


[5] Belmond Royal Scotsman
Belmond Royal Scotsman is your answer if you are seeking an intimate experience in luxury travel on a train with plush gourmet dining, wine pairing and superlative hospitality. The train is hinged with an open-air observation platform. Almost all of the train cars are vintage equipment from the 60s. They have been refurbished with varnished woods, rich fabrics, and polished brass. One of the finest luxury trains of the world, Royal Scotsman charges at least 11400 for a single occupancy.

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