5 Quirkiest Bars Across The World That You Need To Put On Your Bucket List

Get ready to get soaked in booze at the wackiest settings in the world!

Drinking is fun! A great drink with a bunch of friends or loved ones at a cool place. It’s a vibe that we all dig. We often find ourselves in a corner of a pub or atop a bar, where bartenders know us by our first names and get our usual orders. Yes, it’s comforting, however, sometimes we get bored, like we’re stuck in a drinking rut. If that’s the case with you, then this article might pique your interest and get you going (you’ll soon know where). These drinking bars are not only fun and unique, it’s adventure times ten.


Picture this, a bar with iced glass sculptures to give you all-things-chill while one that gives you first hand experience of an episode of the Game of Thrones. These bars have taken drinking and partying on a whole other plane with some serious ever-interesting themes. Trust us, when we say these bars are worth a spot on your bucket list. Take notes to make your drinking experience more quirky and unusual­ and hop on a journey to some ultra-cool watering holes spread across the world.


Alux Restaurant & Lounge, Mexico

Alux bar

 What can be more fun than savouring a drink in a cave that dates back 1000 years. Sounds cool, right? Pack your bags and jet off to Mexico for sipping a Mayan Sangria in a nature-made underground cavern at Alux Restaurant & Lounge. The natural cave network in the Yucatan peninsula is the largest cave bar in the world. The rugged walls surrounded by living stalactites and stalagmites (an icicle-shaped mineral formation), candles, flower petals—offer perfect ambiance to guests for a magical and unforgettable evening. With bar-side seating and common guest tables, this lounge offers private VIP vaults, seven beautiful and exclusive spaces where you can enjoy the natural and mythic environment. It features an impressive range of drinks which includes international drinks like Caribe Magico, Rojo Rubi, Margalux and great wine bottlings.


H.R Giger Bar, Switzerland

HR Giger Bar

This bar is straight out of a dragon tale! Yes, if Daenerys Targaryen is sipping wine at some bar, it’s hands down H.R Giger Bar in Switzerland. This bar is the ultimate in immersive art with its ‘Alien’ biomechanical designed ceiling, walls, floors, fittings, tables and chairs. Inside the bar is adorned with skeleton arches of vertebrae that crisscross the vaulted ceiling of an ancient castle. Here, the guests are seated over eerie chair designs. With some interesting experimental cocktails, the bar also serves a regular menu to complement the eerie atmosphere.


Subsix, Maldives


An underwater haven for Champagne breakfast, Subsix in Maldives has taken the beach club to a dramatic three-tier depth. Guests are taken out to Subsix via speed boat, and then descended below sea level via a stairway. Decorated with abstract Italian chandeliers, this underwater space at Niyama Resort illuminates like a shining coral. In the depths of swooping curves, you can dive into subaquatic lunches, gourmet dinners and adults-only glow parties illuminating the night alongside the theatre of the reef.


Lala’s Little Nugget, Texas 

Lalas little nugget

To get holiday cheers, every day visit Lala’s Little Nugget as Christmas never ends at this bar located in Texas’ Austin. Boughs of holly, sparkling lights, fake snow, a grand Christmas tree, the year-round festive decor of the bar never lets the merry go! And, Santa with his reindeer perched on the roof turns Lala’s into a North Pole oasis in Central Texas! Do try their festive drink menu including Grandma’s Boozy Eggnog and  Prancer’s Punch paired with appetising food.


ICEBAR, Sweden


Chill-out with your friends at one of the coolest bars on the list for literal chills. This bar entirely made with ice will give all your drinks a sub-zero twist and make your ‘on the rocks’ even stronger! ICEBAR located in Sweden’s Stockholm is the world’s first permanent ice bar and can only welcome 60 guests at once. Every year, the space is rebuilt with around 40 tonnes of ice from the Torne River. Here, you are greeted with cool crisp air, an interior, artistic design and a memory for life. With an uber-cool setting, the ICEBAR offers a range of cocktails and a delectable food menu. Sip on drinks like the Starry Sky, Hot Spot and Bright Ice or sample their dinner menu. At ICEBAR, you can also indulge in ice-sculpting with friends and family. Do visit to take a slice of northern Sweden’s polar magic!

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