6 Cool Escapes For You To Turn Down The Heat This Summer

Jet-set to these spots in the world to ditch the dreaded dog days to come!


As the summer sun rises up the heat, is your mind already melting? Summers are usually filled with sluggish moments. But, don’t you sweat it! Instead, pack your bags and swap your flip-flops for fabulous boots and scorching sidewalks for scenic slopes. Yes, that’s right. We are talking about an escape from sweaty-summer lands to the chilly-winter wonderlands. This summer, travel to the coolest destination across the world and break free from the summer sizzle for an adventure that’ll leave you feeling revitalised. From the glaciers  of Iceland to the dramatic fjords of Norway, we’ve got your chill fix covered. So, ditch the heat wave and buckle up for an adventure in these cooler destinations to bring down the temperature and turn up the adventure!




In the ‘land of midnight sun,’ the sun doesn’t set from May to July, literally offering all the discerning travellers longest summer days ever. The best part is even though it’s sunny, you might not even sweat while cruising through Norway’s dramatic fjords or while towering cliffs that plunge into glassy waters as in this Scandinavian country  the mercury hovers around the 60 degrees. Don’t miss the chance to witness the ethereal beauty of the Northern Lights dancing across the night sky. Additionally, you can also head to Oslo (Norway’s capital) for a city escape.




During summers, Iceland maintains a pretty frosty temperature. The stunning destination’s crackling glaciers against a backdrop of snow-capped volcanoes and dramatic landscapes will leave you breathless. The cool summer days of Iceland are perfect for you to go for a dip in the nation’s famous springs. Hike amidst otherworldly ice caves, soak or spot majestic puffins perched on rocky cliffs. The months of June and July are also the best time of year to explore the highlands. Just like Norway, Iceland also experiences midnight sun, giving you ample amount of time to wander out and about.


South Island, New Zealand

New Zealand

New Zealand is a playground for adventure enthusiasts. During summers, you can explore New Zealand’s South Island for a jacket-wear climate and access to winter sports. In the South Islands, go skiing in the lake regions viz. Queenstown and Wanaka or go whale-watching in the West coast. Also, you can unwind in charming towns or soak in geothermal wonders like volcanic mud pools and natural hot springs.



Scotland yard

Just like its Scandinavian neighbours, Scotland also boasts refreshing summer temperature from the month of June to August—keeping the travellers cool as they castle-hop. Here, hike through the rugged beauty of the Highlands or play a round on world-renowned Scottish golf courses. While you sip on a dram of whisky, don’t forget to try out local delicacies like melt-in-your-mouth shortbread for a true Scottish experience.




No summer escapade is complete without a trip to the Alps. For all the outdoor lovers, Switzerland is a stunning haven with some striking vistas. Here,  hike or bike through flower-filled meadows, gondola up to lofty mountain peaks or go for a refreshing dip in crystal-clear lakes. We recommend you to indulge in mugs of steaming hot chocolate and cheesy goodness when out to explore its charming villages.




Aye, yo mates! It’s Ireland calling for a summer blast. Known for its cloudy and moody weather, Ireland is the perfect destination to break from the relentless summer sun. When at the ‘Emerald Isle’ go strolling along the dramatic Cliffs of Moher, explore the rugged beauty of Connemara National Park, or kiss the Blarney Stone for the gift of the gab. In between adventures, unwind in traditional pubs with a pint of Guinness and lively Celtic music.

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