Afterall, a great breakfast is a good reason to want to get out of your bed. 


Breakfast, the first and most important meal, often sets the tone of the day. To keep this morning ritual more interesting Bon Vivants are now leaving the boring continental breakfasts behind and saying ‘Good Morning’ to diverse cuisines including Japanese-inspired sushi breakfasts to French-style pastries and fluffy eggs benedict. Here’s a list of the best breakfast hotels across the world to get the taste of various appetising cuisines at their best.


The Peninsula Paris 

The Peninsula-Paris

The Peninsula Paris offers a gastronomic adventure when it comes to breakfast. Indulge in a lavish spread featuring delicate pastries, artisanal cheeses, and the finest French champagne, all while overlooking the iconic Eiffel Tower. With Belle Époque carved wood, gold and bronze gilding, hand-painted walls, frescoes, and stained glass ceilings, The Peninsula leaves very little to perfect a Parisian dining experience. Breakfast at opulent Le Lobby includes European, American, and Cantonese cuisines too. 


Baccarat Hotel New York

Baccarat- Newyork

Located in the heart of Manhattan, the breakfast experience at the Baccarat Hotel mirrors the city’s energy. With its plush silk walls, ecru chairs, red roses and shining candelabras and chandeliers, the Baccarat sets the mood for a decadent breakfast. The spread of food here includes a blend of classic and innovative dishes.  From gourmet omelettes to freshly baked pastries, every bite will leave you wanting more. This hotel offers one of the best off-menu ricotta pancakes ever, savour this delicacy with a strong espresso.


Aman Tokyo 


Aman Tokyo

At Aman Tokyo immerse yourself in Japanese serenity with an exquisite breakfast and a panoramic view of the Tokyo skyline.  Breakfast at Aman is a gratifying affair with a spread of traditional Japanese delicacies, such as miso soup, fresh sashimi, and perfectly crafted sushi. Here, they offer a unique twist to tangy rolling tamagoyaki (a type of Japanese omelette), marinated aubergine and shishito. To provide a true Japanese culinary experience, Aman offers a choice between steaming rice and congee rice to savour with the side dishes.


Bardot Brasserie, Las Vegas 

Bardot- lasvegas

Fully immerse in the glitz and glamour of Las Vegas with a breakfast at Bardot Brasserie. This French-inspired culinary haven in the heart of the strip offers a decadent morning feast to start your day with. Bardot Brasserie’s menu offers classic French cuisine with an array of both new-world and old-world wines. Begin your morning, by indulging in croissants, escargot, and classic French toast while surrounded by the lively energy of sin city.


The Tasman, Australia


The Tasman, located at the stunning waterfront of Australia’s Hobart, has a breakfast spread that showcases the finest local produce, from Tasmanian smoked salmon to cheeses. With breathtaking views and a menu inspired by the region’s rich culinary heritage, Tasman offers a perfect start to your day with ethically-raised pig and artisanal goat’s cheeses, savour it with a variety of organic teas and rare whiskeys. Deco Lounge, which overlooks Australian Parliament Square, provides an elegant atmosphere for all-day small plates and a signature high tea with Tasmanian produce. 


Otahuna Lodge, New Zealand

Otahuna lodge- New zealand

The Otahuna Lodge in New Zealand offers an extravagant spread of breakfast to start your day.  Here, breakfast is a celebration of local flavours. Savour a farm-to-table meal made with organic products that come from the estate’s gardens. From freshly harvested fruits to organic eggs, Otahuna Lodge provides a rustic and wholesome start to your day in the picturesque New Zealand countryside.


Iberostar Parque Central, Cuba

Cuba iberostar


Iberostar Parque Central’s delicious breakfast spread will immerse you in the vibrant taste of Havana’s authentic cuisine. The Cuban-inspired breakfast delight hotel features a wide spread of tropical fruits, aromatic coffee, and traditional dishes like tostones (a fried banana dish) and empanadas. The lively atmosphere and authentic flavours create a memorable morning in the heart of Cuba.

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