From Emirates to Lufthansa, these airport lounges offer ‘sip-and-trip’ with perks of all things luxury.

Travel and luxury go hand-in-hand for the crème de la crème of travellers as flying experience sets the tone. Bon Vivants, particularly seek the ultimate luxurious experience of commercial air travel. The pre-flight hours or the layovers should be relaxing where flyers can sip Champagnes, nibble blinis topped with caviar or get a spa for a wholesome flying experience.

To cater to the surging needs of flyers, premium airport lounges across the world redefined the facilities that lounges offer to make it more exclusive and gratifying. These private sanctuaries offer plenty of high-end services from specially designed menus by Michelin-starred chefs, cigar rooms, opulent spas to personal chauffeurs (appointed to drive and assist the guests) . So, put on your seat-belts as we have brought you a fine guide to most elite and exclusive airport lounges, where your  pre or between flight hours will transform into mini spa-cation and business trips feel like five-star getaways.


Al Mourjan Lounge-The Garden, Qatar

Qatar Airways’ new Al Mourjan Lounge, The Garden offers you a perfect escape from the airport hustle and bustle into a haven of plush sofas, gourmet buffets and serene view of The Orchard (airport’s inside garden). The Garden features 24 quiet rooms for travellers and can accommodate up to 707 passengers in total. The sanctuary of this premium lounge incorporates natural light, lush greenery and stylish décor and it offers an immersive experience to all the guests. The Garden houses the world’s first Louis Vuitton lounge that overlooks The Orchard. Here, treat yourself to a journey of the senses with a Michelin-starred chef’s menu including an array of dishes and drinks from sushi to patisserie and cocktails to coffee.

Learn more- https://www.qatarairways.com/


Lufthansa First Class Terminal, Frankfurt Airport


A separate terminal! Yes, this premium Lufthansa lounge is taking exclusivity to a whole new level with its own terminal and immigration services. The fraught affair that layover ceases to exist in this oasis of peace and relaxation that Lufthansa First Class lounge offers to the flyers. The space houses soft lounge chairs, leather sofas and private bathing rooms  with jacuzzi bathtubs allowing the travellers to blow off the steam. Guests here are offered personal assistants to guide them through their boarding process and other queries. Wine and dine at the lounges restaurant offering plenty of choices for drink and food.

Learn more – www.lufthansa.com



Emirates First Class Lounge, Dubai


The Emirates First Class Lounge in Dubai is your fancy-land as here you can dive into a swimming pool, savour cigars in a dedicated bar, or get your game on at the squash court. Spread at over 100,000 square feet, this is one of the largest lounges in the world housing many seating areas, quiet rooms, in-house spa and, yes, a wine cellar too! The high-end dining room here provides an extensive buffet of international cuisine including pastas and sushi, with an option of à la carte dining. Additionally, before hopping onto your flight, select souvenirs from the duty-free shops within the lounge’s arcade.  

Learn more- www.emirates.com


Turkish Airlines Lounge, Istanbul Airport, Turkey

turkish airlines lounge

From a taste of mouth-watering delicacies to the comfort of a private suite and massages, this lounge spanning over 60,000 square feet offers an exclusive touch of Turkey for the passengers at go. It can accommodate over 750 flyers and features multimedia rooms equipped with televisions and iMacs. Entering this haven, you can have a traditional dining experience with dishes such as baklava and Turkish coffee among other delights, and a spa that’ll make your skin sing! Flyers can also browse through an exclusive exhibition showcasing football mementoes from the UEFA Champions league.

Learn more- www.turkishairlines.com


Air France’s La Première Lounge, Paris

Air France, Le Premiere_

Get a touch of Parisian flair at Air France’s La Première Lounge at Paris-Charles de Gaulle Airport with gourmet dining curated by a Michelin maestro chef Alain Ducasse, and spa treatments that’ll melt away any jet lag faster than a croissant melts in your mouth! At this exclusive lounge, travellers get premium pick-and-drop and a dedicated concierge is at their service. Housing four suites, each individually designed offers a one-of-a-kind experience to guests.

Learn more- https://wwws.airfrance.in


Swiss First Class Lounge, Zurich Airport, Switzerland

Swiss First Class Lounge, Zurich Airport, Switzerland

The Zurich Airport’s First Class lounge offers ultra-class luxury to the travellers with breathtaking views of the majestic Alps. Housing a 1000-bottle wine humidor and Senator Lounge 200-bottle whiskey bar, the Swiss  First Class allows flyers to sip-and-travel in style. Additionally, it offers a champagne bar, two-day rooms, conference room for business travellers and high-end dining restaurants. 

Learn more- www.swiss.com


Cathay Pacific The Pier First Class, Hong Kong

The-Wing-First-Class-lounge hong kong_

Among many swanky lounges, Cathay Pacific’s The Pier First Class lounge offers world-class facilities with a quiet atmosphere. This lounge features eight suites, an in-house spa, an à la carte restaurant with menu, featuring classic dishes such as the dan dan noodles, and specialty desserts with a variety of drinks. Travel connoisseurs can enjoy the views of the runway that the seating area offers while sipping hot coffee. The Retreat, Pier’s in-house spa provides the flyers with complimentary mini treats like massages and foot massages to bring on your zen!

Learn more- www.cathaypacific.com

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