7 Premium Tea Rooms Across The World For You To Bookmark

Take your black or white, weak or strong tea with an added taste of luxury at these premium tea rooms!

Ah, tea! Tea is more than simply a beverage. It’s a steaming hug in a mug, a simple pleasure that brightens-up every day. Loose tea leaves, in boiling water with an aroma that surrounds you and the sip that washes over your taste buds. Each cup is an experience in itself. The joy of sipping tea with your loved company takes you to a place of absolute happiness and slows the time down to savour the present. And, although there’s no better place than home, sometimes you might want to enjoy the luxury of a peaceful tea time in one of the premium tea rooms. Fortunately, there are plenty! On your next vacation, head to these tea rooms for warm sips and flavourful bites. From modern, multi-functional to quaint spaces, we’ve brought you some of the exclusive tea lounges from around the globe.


Perchs Tea Room, Copenhagen, Denmark


 Visit Perchs, one of the oldest tea stores in the world with their Five O’Clock Tea and British-inspired menu. Here, you can sip more than 150 different quality teas, some inspired by important Danish personalities—such as the Prince of Denmark blend or the Fairytale flavour. Take a break from a busy day and sip a nice cup of tea and munch on finger sandwiches, scones, cakes and more here.


Harney & Sons, New York, USA

Harney and sons, nyc

 Take a sip of luxury at Harney & Sons—a plush tea room in SoHo New York neighbourhood. Specialising in gourmet tea since 1983, the tea room boasts a tasting bar with over 250 tea varieties. Here, try different teas, after finding a perfect match unwind in the lounge area to truly enjoy the tea experience.


Sea Lounge, Taj Mahal Palace, Mumbai, India 

Sea Lounge, taj mahal

Indian tea or chai is loved across the world and Mumbai’s Taj Mahal Palace is the place to savour this beverage. Here, at Taj indulge your senses in a tea feast alongside lip-smacking snacks straight from the kitchens of the erstwhile Maharajas. As you sit and enjoy the tea time don’t forget to take in the serene and undisturbed views of the Arabian sea.


Huxinting Teahouse, Shanghai, China


For an authentic Chinese tea-time, Huxinting Teahouse––a famous landmark in Shanghai is a must-visit! Considered as the first teahouse of China, Huxinting Teahouse is soaked in rich Chinese heritage. While enjoying the classic teas such as jasmine and floral teas, also try the sweet and savoury range of delicacies they offer in backdrop of stunning sceneries and musical performances.


Barker Tea House, Cardiff, United Kingdom 

Barker tea house

The clink of porcelain teacups and sweet aroma of freshly baked scones is enough to make you think of Barker Tea House. Escape the hustle and bustle of the city and relish a luxury tea hour at Barker Tea House.  The tea room offers an exquisite spread of afternoon teas in true English style including Earl Grey and English Breakfast.


Mariage Frères, Paris France


 Mariage Frères––a prestigious Parisian emporium, has one of the most exotic tea selections in the world. Over 600 types of highest quality tea are showcased in their apothecary-style wall. Here, tea lovers can savour the ultimate haute cup of tea washed over with exquisite French cuisine and tea-scented delights. At Mariage Frères do try their French breakfast tea, Marco polo blue and the Pink white tea.


Ippodo Tea Global, Kyoto, Japan


Japanese tea does more than simply quench your thirst. It can calm you and restore a sense of peace. Drink the highest-quality Japanese green teas at Ippodo Tea Globals Kaboku tea room in Japan’s Kyoto. The tea room offers some premium and unique selection of Japanese teas.

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