The spa and wellness segment is spread far beyond Thai and Swedish massages. From ramen baths to fire massages, these unique spa treatments around the world have gained recognition for obvious reasons. Some of these spa treatments are a highlight of the country’s wellness tourism. Highlighting some of the bizarre and famed spa treatments from around the world, we trace the ones that spook us the most!


Possibly one of the petrifying among unique spa treatments around the world are snake massages. As expressed by the name, this unusual massage involves unleashing 500 pounds worth of pythons on the torso and face. As opposite as it may be to a relaxing massage, the concept of a snake massage entails inducing an adrenaline rush. The slithering of the non-venomous serpents has beneficial effects on the metabolism rate and helps in releasing lactic acid from the muscles. It is perceived as being equivalent to playing adventure sports. Pythons are normally a choice of the serpent in this massage since they are non-venomous. They kill their prey by squeezing the life out of them and swallowing them whole. But one need not worry about this part while getting a snake massage since they are well-fed 30 minutes before the session. Some of the things that one needs to take care of are: –
● Refrain from screaming in a panic to not let the snake consider you a predator.
● Avoid making any sudden moments during the massage.
● Do not blow air at the snakes.
Countries in which the spa treatment is popular – Israel, Thailand, Indonesia, Philippines, Russia, and Brazil.


Animal rights activists are not thrilled about this one either. One of the unusual beauty treatments, a snail facial involves releasing a bunch of creepy crawlies on the face. The process includes massaging the facial muscles normally with a bunch of snail mucin products. Assuredly, no snails are harmed during the extraction of snail mucin. The product is packed with essential nutrients that contain anti-aging properties and soothing elements. This unique spa treatment is gaining popularity in the Korean beauty and wellness industry.
Countries in which the spa treatment is popular – Asian countries like Korea and Thailand.


Sounding an acupuncture treatment rather than a rejuvenating massage, a cactus massage could be an energizing experience. The thorns of the plant are either blunted or removed beforehand. The nopal cactus juice has soothing properties that can heal sunburns. The leaves of the nopal cactus are soaked in warm water first and scrubbed on the surface of the skin.
Countries in which the spa treatment is popular – Mexico, especially at the Four Seasons Punta Mita hotel.


Speaking of adrenaline-pumping massages, the next one on the list is fire therapy. This traditional Chinese therapy is associated with healing properties. The process includes smearing the problematic areas with a herbal paste followed by applying the physical properties of burning alcohol to stimulate the acupuncture points of the body. A wet towel soaked in alcohol is brought in direct contact with the skin. The traditional therapy holds medicinal value in healing several conditions like frozen shoulder, joint sprains, lumbar disc hernia, etc.
Countries in which the spa treatment is popular – China


It could seem like an aggressive method of providing relaxation but venik massages gained popularity over the years. This unique spa treatment mainly focuses on exfoliating the skin before a sauna bath. Usually conducted in hammam and sauna baths, venik massages are conducted by softening a bunch of oak and eucalyptus sprigs and thrashing them on the back repeatedly, followed by a cold-water bath.
Countries in which the spa treatment is popular – Russia


Germophobes may turn skeptical about this unique spa treatment. Also called the Geisha Facial, this massage involves applying a product developed out of a particular nightingale’s droppings. This unusual beauty treatment was followed throughout Japanese history. The product is known to have essential properties that help in maintaining skin tone balance as well as managing hyperpigmentation.
Countries in which the spa treatment is popular – Japan


Gemstones have more utility value than being embedded in jewelry. They are used in many spa treatments throughout the world for their healing energy can be channelized through massages. In this unique spa treatment, certain kinds of gemstones are used along with essential oils on various chakras of the body. Gemstone massages uphold spiritual healing properties and are practiced in a number of countries.
Countries in which the spa treatment is popular – India, Thailand, North America, China


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