Look no further and plan your stay at these palatial hotels to live out your regal dreams!


Ever since The Crown premiered on Netflix, people have been enchanted by the nobility and ultimate grandeur that the royals enjoy on a daily basis. This new fascination with royalty has ignited travellers’ interest in experiencing a similar lifestyle. The idea of living in castles and walking through cobbled halls, huge staircases, and lush gardens, is just dreamy. Around the world, from France to Scotland and beyond, people looking to turn this desire into reality can now book stunning castles turned into hotels offering all the A-list services to make them feel downright royal! Here’s a curated list of eight of the most majestic castles-turned-hotels across the world to break free from the mundaneness.



Grantley Hall, England

 Live out ‘Downtown Abbey’ fantasies at the Grantley Hall which once served as a stately manor for the English nobility. Grantley Hall, which dates back to 1680, gives a taste of ancient countryside living modernised for the twenty-first century. The estate is located in North Yorkshire, on the banks of the River Skell, in a rural area about two hours northeast of Manchester. This historic property is on the UK’s National Heritage List of protected buildings. The palace’s fine-dining services with Michelin star Shaun Rankin’s restaurant offers a wide range of flavourful delicacies. 

Approx. price/night- $4000

Learn more herehttps://www.grantleyhall.co.uk/


Château du Champs de Bataille, France

Chateau du Champs de Bataille,  a masterpiece of the 17th century, renowned as one of the most expensive castle hotels, offers a unique opportunity for all those seeking a grandeur-infused stay. Located in Normandy, Château du Champ de Bataille is spread across a huge estate over 120 acres—and boasts pristine lakes, beautiful gardens and fountains. The Chateau can be rented and guests are offered a range of luxurious suites to choose from and an array of several other amenities. The property also offers gourmet dining, spa and private cinema services. 

Approx. price/ night– $6780
Learn more herehttps://www.chateauduchampdebataille.com/le-chateau/


Adare Manor, Ireland

Adare Manor, located on the banks of the River Maigue in County Limerick, is a 19th century neo-Gothic castle steeped in rich history. The lavish manor is decorated with several original art pieces, Georgian-style furnishings and stunning fireplaces. The sweeping 840 acres estate has the biggest domestic room in Ireland and has a private golf course set to hold the 2027 Ryder Cup. Like cherry on top, the pristine manor offers fine-dining at Michelin star Oak Room restaurant.  

Approx. price/ night- $7000
Learn more herehttps://www.adaremanor.com/




Schlosshotel Kronberg, Germany

Schlosshotel Kronberg, a magnificent castle that served as the palace of Empress Victoria Friedrich was constructed in the late 1800s. Perched above a Kronberg im Taunus (small town in Hesse), the Castle has a total of 61 regal suites, seven spacious function rooms and also offers a 18-hole golf course. The property is decorated with original masterpieces of Rubens, Titian, and Gainsborough and has treasures such as Limoges porcelain, gilded Venetian mirrors, antique bronzes, and stained-glass windows. Alongside fine dining and spa services, guests can also cherish gorgeous views of the countryside. 

Approx. price/ night- $2000
Learn more here- https://schlosshotel-kronberg.com/en/


Crossbasket Castle, Scotland

 Nestled in central Scotland’s Blantyre near Glasgow, Crossbasket Castle is an exclusive Scottish royal retreat steeped in history, luxury and stunning natural surroundings. This 17th-century castle is the perfect escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. The large estate surrounded by the dense spread of woodland offers an array of nature and gorgeous riverbank walks. The property offers an appetising dining experience at its Michel Roux Jr restaurant that was first foreseen by late legendary French chef Albert Roux. For more relaxation, guests can also unwind in the lounge area. 

Approx. price/ night- $1000

Learn more here- https://www.crossbasketcastle.com/


Castello di Vicarello, Italy

Castello di Vicarello, sits in the midst of Tuscany’s untamed Maremma countryside, halfway between Rome and Florence, and is surrounded by 40 hectares (4,00,000 square metres) of organic vineyards, olive groves, and farms. The 12th-century castle features traditional Italian country architecture, including exposed stone and brick walls, arched entrances, and timber roofs, as well as a beautiful mix of antique and modern furniture. The estate exemplifies contemporary luxury, providing ultimate privacy, and superb cuisine. 

Approx. price/night- $4000
Learn more herehttps://www.castellodivicarello.com/


Manoir de Lébioles, Belgium

The Manoir de Lébioles, a stunning 18th-century hotel, is reminiscent of a miniature Versailles in the Ardennes. The Manoir offers a quiet atmosphere, first-class service and welcomes guests in the midst of lush greenery. Guests can stay in the personally designed rooms and suites and savour their chef’s refined cuisine. Furthermore, do try the hotel’s spa, which uses earth, water, air, and fire in its treatments to provide holistic wellness. 

Approx. price per night– $1300
Learn more herehttps://www.manoirdelebioles.croxom/en/lebioles


Gstaad Palace, Switzerland

Overlooking the Saanenland (historical village in Switzerland), Gstaad Palace located in the Bernese Oberland, rises from the forest like a fairy-tale castle. The palace first opened in 1913 and serves authentic meals made with the greatest products from the region, with a touch of Asian charm, Mediterranean Italianità, and worldwide flair. The Palace Spa is an oasis of mindfulness, spanning 1800 square metres and featuring a jacuzzi, indoor pool, sauna, lounge, and relaxation room. Guests can also enjoy a variety of massages and treatments employing botanical ingredients. 

Approx. price/night– $4000
Learn more here- https://www.palace.ch/en/about-us/

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