The benefits of sustainable tourism do not merely benefit the travellers but also the planet as a whole. Responsible leisure and sustainable tourism goes a long way in preserving the natural tourist attractions and local flora and fauna. Sustainable tourism refers to adapting to methods, ways, and activities that do not hamper the natural environment and local ecosystems that help in healthy sustenance of climate, wildlife, marine life, and forest reserves.
The aftermath of hindering the ecological balance and degrading the environment is crucial. With the surge in awareness and eco-sensitivity, the global pulse around this cause is riveting at a quick pace. Travel enthusiasts need to address the concern more responsibly since you will not be ruining your experience but a fellow traveler’s too. To enable a smooth eco-sensitive getaway, it is essential to abide by the following eco-friendly practices for ecotourism: –
1. Partner with tour companies that ensure sustainable tourism
Find tour companies that emphasize on the environment protection agenda and operate their trips sustainably and responsibly. Pick hotels that are eco-sensitive and focus on conserving the environment.

For instance, Soneva Resort Chain is best known for its eco-friendly practices for ecotourism. The chain of hotels and resorts focuses on sustainable tourism while providing the best luxury hospitality. Click here to book your stay at the luxury resort.
2. Ensure mindful usage of vehicles
To reap the benefits of sustainable tourism, avoid traveling locally and short distances with motor vehicles. Instead opt for moving on foot or bicycles for shorter distances to reduce your carbon footprint.

3. Focus on energy saving everywhere
One of the significant eco-friendly practices for ecotourism is saving energy wherever you stay or travel. For example, avoid longer showers and unnecessary wastage of water or power down electricity when not in use.

4. Pick sustainable toiletries
One of the ways to ensure the benefits of sustainable tourism is to utilize only eco-friendly toiletries. One must encourage and adopt the usage of sustainable toiletries like bamboo toothbrushes instead of the commonly used plastic ones, shampoo bars instead of shampoo bottles, etc. One must support brands that specialize in producing sustainable toiletries.

5. Buy local
Sustainable tourism also includes supporting the vendors in that particular region by shopping locally. Discourage the use of plastic, disposable bags while shopping.

6. Pack reusable utensils
While engaging in outdoor adventures like camping, trekking, hiking etc. it is essential to ensure the usage of plastic is minimum. For example, one must never use plastic, disposable utensils.


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