If one asks us to name one destination, which looks exactly as gorgeous as it is in the travel brochures, our answer would but, of course, be the Maldives without even sparing a moment to rethink it. The cluster of nearly 1,190 islands is a dream destination for those who want to soak in the relaxed holiday spirit. The desert island’s visual appeal is straight out of their postcards. Pristine ivory white sands and azure blue waters surrounded by the jungle greens lined by sky-soaring coconut trees are the signature elements that attract the tourists to the quaint islands here.
The capital city Malé may be one of the smallest capital cities in the world, but it is easily the commercial hotspot of all the activities that take place. From Malé, one can take a seaplane to the island they’re visiting. The seaplane ride is an experience in itself that will leave you enamoured, thanks to the pretty island views one can witness from a couple of thousand feet above.

The Maldives encourages you to embrace slow life via their slow holiday packages and protocols. While it’s an ideal destination for those who want to put their feet up and relax, it is also a holiday spot for those who want to take a deep dive in water sport activities. Scuba divers and snorkeling enthusiasts can immerse themselves in an underwater experience at the Victory shipwreck, home to a litany of colourful coral reefs that stand out in the serene blue waters. You can enjoy windsurfing, canoeing, kayaking, stand-up paddle boarding and surfing as well as a couple of more water sports options here. Say ‘hello’ to aquatic residents of the shark-filled Fish Head area . The smartly planned experiences are carefully curated to be a part of your stay, without having to move around much or go out of the way to see it, feel it or live it. Most of the resorts have their own organic gardens that are incorporated into their farm-to-table dining experiences. The meals are whipped from the local produce that is pretty much found or cooked only in the Maldives. Michelin-star chefs are roped in to make your regular dinner a unique dining experience by the beach. You can become one with nature at the private pools, private beaches, open-roof rooms and open showers at the resorts .
The Maldives being one of the first destinations to open its doors for travel and tourism after a strict lockdown in most of the countries across the world, the idyllic haven has seen a sky-rocketing surge in the number of people visiting the islands. Many Indian fashion influencers and bloggers made the most of this opportunity and had a blissful vacay beating the stay-in blues of the lockdown. We caught up with some of them and got them to tell us the what-where-how of their stay in the Maldives. Pack your bags virtually for we take you to the Maldives to experience their vacay in their style!

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