Buckle up ladies, the world is waiting for you to explore it all and that too entirely on your own!

Solo travelling for females isn’t just about ticking destinations off a list. It’s a chance for females to truly connect with themselves and the world. Imagine setting off on an adventure that’s entirely your own, in a city of your desires. You strike up conversations with locals, savour the peace of a quiet sunrise on a deserted beach, or bask in the fact that you navigated a new city on your own. Exploring new places, while trying new dishes, you make some unforgettable memories. That’s the magic of female solo travel!

Sure sometimes, solo travelling for women can be intimidating and there might be moments of self-doubt or feelings of being out of your comfort zone. But that’s how you become a pro and experience what can be termed as ‘true freedom’. However, choosing the right destination is the key. So, we’ve rounded up six of the best destinations around the world for women to travel solo, places that allow female travellers to enjoy and wander freely at any time of day.


Barcelona, Spain 


With its rich history, breathtaking architecture, and active nightlife, Barcelona provides limitless options for solo female travellers to enjoy in its culture and food. Indulge in window shopping along Las Ramblas,  or walk down the beach promenade. Here, you can also roam through the Park Güell and admire the gardens and panoramic views of the city for yourself. Enjoy a flavourful meal at their many waterfront restaurants or at a tapas bar counter in the city. 


Dubrovnik, Croatia


Immerse yourself in the lush rainforests and stunning beaches in Croatia’s Dubrovnik. A walk in the oceanfront mediaeval city of Dubrovnik lets you soak all the historic core encircled in the walls of the city. Visit the artisanal shops and local eateries and enjoy the top view of the Adriatic coastline. A few minutes from Old Town, you can also go kayaking and snorkelling in crystal clear waters.


New Zealand

new zealand- for solo female travellers

Considered as one of the safest countries in the world, New Zealand is fun for all those who seek adventure! From bungee jumping, skydiving, to exploring Lord of the Rings filming locations here, you’ll never run out of things to do! For your outing, plan a visit to Auckland, Wellington, Queenstown and other wonderful places boasting scenic landscapes, lush greenery, beautiful beaches and burgeoning food.


Okinawa, Japan

Okinawa japan-for solo female travellers

Explore the charming cities, pristine beaches, delicious Japanese cuisine and rich history of Japan in Okinawa islands. Here, you can explore the ruins of kingly castles and take a stroll on magnificent coastlines with an amazing array of coral and undersea life. There are plenty of organised tours and walking trails you as a solo traveller can join here. Go whale watching and explore rare fauna and flora on these Japanese islands that’ll etch an eternal memory for you.



Peru for solo female travellers

In Peru, hike the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu or explore the ancient city of Cusco. You can also relax on the beautiful beaches of Lake Titicaca and look at majestic views of Peru’s Andes Mountains or zipline through the canopy of the world’s largest rainforest. This country has a lot to offer and is very welcoming to solo female travellers. A bucket-list staple for many, this country offers Peruvian experiences worth travelling for.


Seoul, South Korea

seoul-solo female travellers

Increasing craze of K-pop and K-dramas has already made South Korea’s Seoul a must-visit hotspot for many females. Here, live your K-drama dreams and as a solo traveller, experience the glittering night life of Seoul and the drool-worthy food the city has to offer for a lasting impression. When in Seoul, visit the iconic N Seoul Tower and watch fireworks by the Han river. To witness true Korean culture, you can plan your trip during the Seoul lantern festival that is celebrated in the month of November.

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