Dine With Owl, Ninja Or Pikachu In 5 Interesting Concept Cafes In Japan

These cafes in Japan just don’t serve food but a whole package!


Japan is famous for its quirky and adorable cafes. The unique concept of these cafes takes meal or snack time to a whole nother level. From cuddling hedgehogs to sipping tea with owls, concept cafes in Japan cater to every interest. For the pop culture enthusiast, Japan offers a range of anime and gaming-themed cafes. Catch up with Pikachu and the gang over delectable Pokémon-inspired treats. There’s even a vampire cafe, where you can sip on blood-red drinks in a dimly lit, gothic ambiance. Along with innovative meals and aesthetics, they majorly serve you with exclusive unforgettable experiences. Without any delay, let’s dive into the eccentric realm of Japan’s most extraordinary cafes!


Musashino Cafe and Bar, Harajuku

 Enjoy a cup of tea with the company of wise and beautiful creatures. Yes, home to 18 owls, Harajuku’s Owl Village is a cafe and bar where you can relax and play with owls peacefully. This café lets the guests play with owls, feed them, and spend up to an hour with them. Here, you can opt between two courses, the standard course—including a complimentary drink, playtime with the owls, and two souvenirs or the Special Course—which offers a drink, a dessert, a souvenir, and long fun moments with the owls. When visiting this café, you must try Barn Owl Cake, Owl Parfait, and Waffle Cake, among others.



Pokémon Cafe, Osaka

Calling all Pokémon fans, to meet and enjoy their favourite Pokémon at this adorable café in Osaka’s Shinsaibashi. The Pokémon Café is filled with Pikachu plushies, Squirtle figurines, and a menu that’s a celebration of all things Pokemon. Here, chow down dishes inspired by your favourite characters. We’re talking Pikachu’s best friend curry, Snorlax’s nap-inducing lunch plate, and yummy drinks that look like they jumped straight out of the Pokemon games.This popular cafe requires reservations, so make sure you snag a spot online before you head to Osaka.


Ninja Café and Bar, Tokyo

This is not your average theme café but a step ahead. Ninja café and Bar in Tokyo is all-things-ninja, they’re interactive adventures where you can slip on a ninja costume, learn secret ninja skills, and devour delicious food. While sipping on a steaming cup of matcha you can easily master the art of shuriken (ninja stars) throwing. The café’s décor matches that of traditional ninja villages in Japan. Don’t miss out on trying  Shrunken Star Blades Grissini with Cream Pate de Foie Gras dip, Snow Crab and Grapefruit served with a Sword Trick among others.


At-home Café, Akihabara

 Experience the unique world of Japanese maid culture at At-home Café in Akihabara. When you enter this café, you are greeted by servers dressed in adorable maid outfits who sing, dance, and attend to your every need in a charmingly over-the-top way. The café offers a range of combos including— drink-dessert combo, food-drink combo, souvenir-food combo among others. Here, don’t forget to try their range of food that’s too cute to eat that features omurice, hamburger steak,  pink curry rice.


Vampire Café, Tokyo

 Slowly sip on blood-red drinks in a dimly lit cafe of Vampire in Tokyo’s ritzy Ginza district. This gothic glam café is surrounded by velvet drapes and candelabra and here the waiters are dressed up in tuxedos and waitresses in French maid outfits. Take a seat on the red velvet throne to enjoy the fang-tastic menu. You must try their pasta of death and despair and pizza of baphomet. However, throughout your meal do keep an eye for playful scares and spooky surprises

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