Exquisite Wild Escape – Pacuare Lodge, Costa Rica

Coddled in the lap of lush tropical rainforests lies the surreal luxury cabin in the woods. The Pacuare River in Costa Rica holds your answer to a secluded getaway in the wild. The Pacuare Lodge is an ecolodge nestled amidst the pristine and untouched reserve of rainforests.

Apart from roads, the lodge is accessible via rafts. The Pacuare river is best known for its white water river rafting, so the adventure begins right when you start heading to the lodge.
Along with the quaint stays constructed with thatched roofs and the scenic backdrop, travelers can savor the adrenaline thrill of outdoor activities like zip lining, hiking, river-rafting etc. They infuse an indigenous touch to every amenity and aspect of the lodge. For instance, they let the rejuvenation to transpire unhindered without music in the spas. Thus, one can unwind amid the tranquilizing sounds of the woods. Also, the suites have no air conditioning or electricity.
One can truly power down at this blissful destination and revive the right way.