1. Niagara Falls, USA

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There is barely anyone who is unaware of the beauty of Niagara falls. Most of us have gown-up hearing tales of the sparkling water that runs down over here. If you happen to stop-by this top visited fall in Buffalo—United States, you will be asked to wear a blue raincoat on your Maid of the Mist ferry adventure. Have a one-of-a-kind dining experience at the top of the falls restaurant and surround yourself with the beauty of one-of-the most powerful falls in the world.
2. Rhine Falls, Switzerland

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On the border between the cantons of Schaffhausen and Zurich, lies the famous and dynamic falls of Switzerland. Formed in the last ice-age, they comprise erosion-resistant rocks which are approximately 15,000 years old. Climb to the central rock, past the thundering water, catch a glimpse of the biggest fire-work display, utilize your time pursuing hiking or boat trips and claim yourself as a part of the cool tribe, who have been to the Rhine.
3. Mealt Falls — The Isle Of Skye, Scotland

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Fair weather, near perfect view, the Mealt Falls has got it all! Plunging from the sea cliffs into the Sound of Raasay, the falls is roughly 55m, backed by a scenic rock formation resting on a sandstone base. An interesting fact about the Mealt is that it directly lands into the ocean and is a nestling place of a large seabird population. Fead by the Mealt Loch, one can expect a reliable flow of water, all year round. On days with extreme wind blowing over the terrain, the waterfall starts to blow upwards, which is a hauntilgy beautiful vision for the eyes.
4. Angel Falls, Venezuela

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We do not like interruption and neither does this waterfall. Angel Falls in Venezuela is the tallest uninterrupted waterfall in the world. It has a height og 979m and takes a freefall from the UNESCO world heritage site of Auyán-tepui mountain in the Canaima National Park, also known as the devils canyon. A must-visit waterfall, it was an unknown wonder for many years before 1933, when Sir James Crawford discovered it accidentally, while flying over the mountain.
5. Weeping Wall, Canada

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Found in the Banff National Park, Alberta—Canada, near Lake Louise the weeping wall is a set of cliffs with multiple descending waterfalls, with small drainage areas. In the tormenting Canadian winters, the falls freeze and takes shape of towering pillars of ice. Making a case for unique activities like ice climbing, the fall is 1000ft high and calls for an adventurous excursion.
6. Iguazu Falls, Brazil And Argentina

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Known as the staircase falls, the Iguaza resembles the letter J and is quite an impressive natural wonder of the world. Draining into the Parana river, the main fall of the Iguazu is in the canyon called Devils Throat. This is one of the waterfalls that has many legends attached to it and comes under the most-vsited place in Misiones.
7. Gullfoss (Golden Falls), Iceland

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The name Gullfoss translates to Golden Falls and this is Iceland’s iconic wonder. This two-tiered waterfall has a heavy volume of flow, and turns into a brownish-yellow colour, which occurs when bleached by the sun. The glacial water carries a large amount of sediments that has carved the earth, over the years. The Gullfoss is a beloved fall and is protected as a nature reserve since 1979.

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