Travel not only ignites our creativity but also offers fresh perspectives on both personal and professional aspects of life. Every year, we resolve to venture into uncharted destinations, and this year, during our vacation planning, we settled on the lesser-known yet highly-reputed city of Courchevel in France. While India sizzled in the peak of summer, we sought solace in the serene beauty of Courchevel.

Our journey commenced with a flight from India to Geneva, followed by a scenic cab ride to our accommodation, La Sivolière. This ski-in, ski-out chalet is the world’s most well-known ski resort that needs no introduction. Upon our arrival, we were greeted with warmth, a stark contrast to the chilly weather outside. With a seamless check-in process, we were escorted to our suite, where the moment we entered we stepped out onto the balcony and marvelled at the snow-covered landscape. As one of the world’s most renowned ski resorts, La Sivolière epitomises French excellence. After settling in and relaxing for a brief minute, we planned the rest of our day. That evening, we decided to indulge in a Michelin-starred dining experience at La Sylvestre, where we were joined by Alexia, the CEO of Courchevel Tourism, and Ariane, the head of the digital department. The meal wasn’t just a celebration of French cuisine; it was a luxurious gastronomic journey. The tailor-made culinary interlude is built around the chef’s signature dishes, which he reinterprets at this ski resort location according to his inspiration. Magnificent produce, premium ingredients, comforting sauces, expert seasoning, impeccable technical skill and emotion–the generous tasting menu showcases it all. After a delectable dinner and engaging conversations, we retired to our suite.
The following morning greeted us with pristine white snow, and we indulged in a lavish French breakfast at the hotel itself. From citrus fruit cups to our delicious homemade chocolate and pistachio cakes, their colourful selection offers plenty of reasons to get out of bed in the morning. After a delicious breakfast, we ventured to Cheval Blanc, a renowned luxury hospitality brand, for an invigorating 50-minute Guerlain spa session. The Maison with Palace distinction in the Trois Vallées is equipped with bold design, and modern art and is exclusive for those who like to holiday in the lap of luxury. At the Cheval Blanc spa, you are encouraged to slow down and set your clocks on mountain time by indulging in exclusive rituals inspired by cold temperatures and high altitudes. The experience left us rejuvenated and in a state of bliss. Following our spa session, we savoured the culinary delights at Cheval Blanc restaurant. The chic Alpine brasserie of the upscale Cheval Blanc hotel is known for brilliantly reinvented high-altitude dining, serving up a contemporary and uninhibited fine dining offering. We indulged in a host of organic delicacies and washed it down with a sublime list of top-of-the-range wines. Subsequently, we explored upscale boutiques such as Louis Vuitton and others, engaging in some therapeutic retail therapy. After a few rounds at the boutiques, we decided to go for a few rounds of mocktails at the Bar de Madame to refresh ourselves. We then headed to La Saulire for dinner where we delighted in signature French dishes, especially those laced with their signature black truffles. It is no wonder that the restaurant is frequented by epicures, celebrities and stars from show business, cinema, and fashion. We relished a special curated meal that was crafted out of the best and freshest ingredients.

The following day, we embarked on our most-awaited activity: skiing through the French Alps. After checking out of La Sivolière, we checked in at Hotel Annapurna, located closer to the Alps. We received our ski gear and instructions, stumbling a bit at first but eventually getting the hang of it. The snow-covered mountains added to the beauty of the experience. We paused for lunch at the Festin restaurant in Les Airelles palace, further indulging in authentic French cuisine. Afterwards, we embraced our second snow activity of the day: snowmobiling, which we both enjoyed immensely. In the evening, we returned to our new haven, Hotel Annapurna. Tired from our snowy adventures, we relaxed before a special dinner at Le Génépi, a decades-old restaurant serving wonderful, flavour-packed dishes with a modern twist. After a satisfying meal, we retired to our hotel.

The next morning, we began our day with a lavish breakfast spread at Hotel Annapurna. The exquisite French delicacies were absolutely delectable, even though they were all vegan. It’s a rare talent to create a flavorful vegan meal that doesn’t taste bland, and Hotel Annapurna excels in this regard. After enjoying a scrumptious breakfast, we set out to scout locations for a fashion shoot planned for The Peacock Magazine. Mixing work and play has always been our approach. During our leisure time, we’re often brimming with creative ideas, so we love to either conduct a shoot or hold meetings with relevant stakeholders to plan our next moves. When we decided on our Courchevel holiday, we were certain about organising at least one editorial shoot to showcase the beauty of the pristine French Alps alongside our bespoke couture pieces. Post-breakfast, we began searching for suitable locations that would highlight Courchevel in our editorial like no other. After scouting and finalising some spots, we drove to Aïnata, a Michelin-starred gastronomical delight at Le K Altitude, for a delicious lunch spread that awaited us. Here, we savoured the best of vegan Lebanese fare with a view of ski slopes and the mountains. It was truly a memorable meal! After our delightful lunch, we opted for a stroll around the restaurant before returning to the hotel for some free time to ourselves. Though we contemplated taking a quick nap, the sheer beauty of the place compelled us to take in every moment, especially since our departure was imminent. Therefore, we chose to indulge in some afternoon tea in our room while admiring the Alps from our balcony. We marvelled at how sheets of pure white ice could appear so stunning and almost surreal as if plucked straight from a fantasyland. We were presented with an assortment of teas to indulge as we gazed at the breathtaking views outside.
Following a refreshing tea session, we dressed up and took a cab to take us to the Palace Le Barrière des Neiges, where we intended to unwind at their Spa Diane Barrière. This spa, dedicated to beauty, tranquillity, and well-being, offered a peaceful escape from the city’s hustle and bustle. It featured five treatment rooms, a steam and sauna room, and an indoor pool. We indulged in a couple’s spa session that not only rejuvenated us but also provided a luxurious experience that one mustn’t miss in Courchevel. As we prepared for a busy day of shooting ahead, this was the perfect way to relax and unwind before the whirlwind of the shoot began.
After the revitalising spa session, we were escorted to the hotel’s exquisite restaurant, BFire by Mauro Colagreco. This restaurant, led by the namesake chef, embraced a concept inspired by his Argentinian roots within an Italian family. Most of the dishes here were cooked over a wood fire, staying true to their rustic origins. We indulged in Italian delicacies customised to suit our vegan dietary preferences, and yet, not once did we feel it lacked flavour. The dishes were impeccably delicious. They say a meal that induces slumber is a sign of a great meal, and our experience at BFire certainly lived up to that expectation. We returned to our hotel, where we fell fast asleep shortly after reaching our room.

The following morning proved to be even more chaotic than our recent mornings. The day commenced with the hustle and bustle of our editorial shoot, with models arriving in the early hours, followed by makeup and other preparations before venturing into the Alps to begin the shoot. We captured a diverse range of couture outfits, from bespoke gowns to coordinated sets. After a brief pause for a quick lunch, we resumed our work to finish the remaining part of the shoot. Subsequently, we returned to our hotel to unwind and enjoy some personal time as it marked our last day in Courchevel.

After a relaxed evening, we dressed our best for our final meal in Courchevel, which we savoured at La Guinguette restaurant by the talented Jean Rémi Cailon. A native of Rouen, Jean Rémi had been impressing diners in Courchevel for over a decade. Renowned for infusing each dish with a vegetal touch, it was a meal that both of us preferred and thoroughly enjoyed. Needless to say, we relished the exceptional food and polished off our plates in no time. It was indeed the perfect way to conclude our day and our vacation in Courchevel.

The next morning, we checked out of our hotel and caught a flight back to India from Geneva Airport. Our five days in Courchevel provided us with an absolutely luxurious experience amidst the charming French Alps. Often, we equate luxury with its monetary value. However, in Courchevel, you come to realise that true luxury lies in exclusivity, privacy, and the thrill of exploring uncharted territory!

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