Iconic Movie Casinos That You Can Visit To Answer ‘Vegas Is Calling’

Play, dine and unwind like your favourite movie stars at these iconic casinos in Vegas!

Movies with high-octane gambling scenes take you on a roller-coaster ride––one usually filled with drama, emotions and lots of thrill! In just a span of a few hours, you’re on the edge of your seats to follow whether luck sided with the hero or he lost. The stakes are always high and so are the chances of winning! But, one thing is guaranteed, there’ll never  be a dull moment and you’ll be entertained till the very end. Be it James Bond’s Casino Royale or The Hangover, the casinos shown in these movies are not just gambling floors, but an entertainment haven. They offer delicious food, world-class shows, and stunning architecture, making them a perfect place for a night out, even if you’re not a gambling whiz. And, if you are too looking to experience this glitzy high-stakes world straight from the movies, you’re in luck already. Put on your best fit, grab your lucky charm, and get ready for an unforgettable experience! We’ve brought you some of the famous movie casinos in Las Vegas you can visit and try your luck. 


Bellagio Casino & Hotel, Las Vegas

Bellagio casino vegas

 See the stunning fountains from Ocean’s Eleven for yourself, or try your hand at poker like a high roller in this luxurious Italian-themed resort. Bellagio is one of the most well-recognised casinos in the Vegas and all thanks to the stellar movie that is Ocean’s Eleven and its star-studded cast including George Clooney and Brad Pitt. This casino has all your favourite table games. You can place your bets at poker, black jack, craps table or try your luck at their slot machines. After a good round of gambling, you can also enjoy a lavish meal in their dining area.


Planet Hollywood, Las Vegas

Planet hollywood

 Planet Hollywood’s Casino was used in the movie 21, where a group of MIT students use their card-counting skills to win big. This ever high-energy casino offers much more than your usual games, here you’ll get an A-list Hollywood experience. Here, you can go for the big bucks at their popular table games such as Vegas blackjack or craps. Guests can also enjoy the Pulse gaming arena or the Go-go dancers all against a backdrop of flashy lights and upbeat music.


Park MGM,  Las Vegas

Park MGM

 What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas! Hollywood coined this phrase in the movie ‘What Happens in Vegas’ starring Ashton Kutcher and Cameron Diaz and let us tell you that, they filmed in this iconic casino Park MGMs Casino. Park MGM has been operational for almost 21 years and has about 2,500 rooms available for guests to stay in. Just like Kutcher and Diaz, enjoy a crazy night out in the Casino and roll your luck. After a play at Baccarat tables, dine at their different restaurants for a wholesome experience.


Caesar’s Palace, Las Vegas 

Caesars Palace casino

 Live the crazy ‘The Hangover’ life in Vegas’ Caesars Palace. As the name suggests, this casino features Roman-inspired interiors, including a domed ceiling with a crystal chandelier and humongous statue of Augustus Caesars itself. With 185 table games, 1,324 slots, a sportsbook, and a poker room in its casino, this casino embodies the true Vegas that we have in our minds. Apart from a huge casino, the resort also has 10 bars and  restaurants, pools, a spa complete with three Roman baths, dozens of shops, and a massive Colosseum theatre. 


The Venetian, Las Vegas 

The venetian

The Venetian’s casino makes a starring appearance in many movies including Ocean’s Eleven, Congeniality 2 and Rat Race. This casino features an extensive selection of slot machines, poker tables and its Italian-inspired design elements make your jaw hit the floor. Take out some time from your slot time and experience the resort’s other attractions too including its three pools, 40-plus restaurants, eight clubs and Canyon Ranch spa.

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