Immerse In Magic Of Meenakari At This One-Of-A-Kind Jewellery Museum In Jaipur

A perfect ode to enamelling, Museum of Meenakari Heritage showcases this ancient art like never before!

meenakari museum

Jaipur has got a sparkling new gem––The Museum of Meenakari Heritage and here, all that shimmer and sparkle is the exquisite painted enamelware! That’s right, this one-of-a-kind museum is all about the art of Meenakari­­––a centuries-old Persian technique that continues to flourish in Jaipur and is renowned for its vibrant and intricate designs on metal surfaces like gold and silver. Meenakari, or enamelling, derived from the Persian term mina––azure colour of heaven and kari––doing, is most often known as painting metals, ceramics, or valuable jewels.

Meenakari Museum 

Founded by renowned jewellery maverick Sunita Shekhawat, the museum is a celebration of Jaipur’s rich heritage of art and craftsmanship Nestled amidst the bustling historic streets and majestic palaces of Jaipur, the museum is one of many spots you can now add to your list of must-visits in the pink city. Housed in Shekhawat Haveli, the museum is located in the upmarket neighbourhood of Jaipur’s C-Scheme area. The Havelis’ structure is designed in hand-carved Jodhpur red sandstone that complements the city’s pink palette perfectly and the exterior draws inspiration from Jaipur’s Indo-Saracenic roots (art of Mughals and Rajputs).

The Museum of Meenakari Heritage (MOMH) takes you on a colourful journey through the history of Meenakari. Spread over three floors, the museum boasts a robust collection of artsy jewellery pieces that showcases the history of enamel. The museum also showcases the process of meenakari, from sketching the design to firing the enamel to create those beautiful pops of colour.


Curated by noted art and jewellery historian, Dr Usha R Balakrishnan, MOMH features stunning examples of Meenakari art form, from intricate Mughal jewellery to note designer Sunita Shekhawat’s own contemporary designs. The 2,200 sqft museum exhibits the journey of enamelling from Renaissance Europe to India in the 16th century, first entering the country through Goa. Its expansion in other parts and Sawai Man Singh’s contribution in bringing Meenakars from the Mughals court to Jaipur. 

meenakari museum

The museum’s collection includes over 120 reproductions of jewellery pieces—dating back to the 15th century—which once belonged to India but are now kept in international institutions like the British Museum, Art Institute of Chicago, Victoria & Albert Museum, Metropolitan Museum of Art and Sotheby’s. It features over 300 images, an interlinked series of photos, reprints and contemporary creations of the Meenakari art. These extremely rare pieces­­––each representing a different era and sourced from 15 premier museums, private collections and art galleries around the world for the exhibition. 


To celebrate the rich tapestry of Meenakari, The House of Shekhawat­­––founder Sunita Shekawat’s brand crafted over 120 enamelled artefacts that preserve archival motifs, styles and oral histories of meenakari. The museum displays 60 original pieces by Sunita Shekhawat including a choker decorated with ruby-red enamel and a pair of earrings adorned with delicate pastel flowers to showcase enamelling techniques like cloisonné, champlevé, plique-à-jour, en basse-taille.

meenakari museum

A walk through inside MOMH’s gallery is a journey back into the ancient eras! The gallery is adorned with miniature paintings from the Jacobean era to 17th-century artworks. All the jewellery-holics, if you’re looking for a place to appreciate Jaipur jewels, the Jaipur Museum of Meenakari Heritage is a must-visit. Step inside this haven of artistry and immerse yourself in the dazzling world of Meenakari.

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