Insert A Million-Dollar Coin At World’s Most Luxurious Supercars Vending Machine In Singapore


Taking you inside the fanciest and most expensive vending machines in Singapore!

Gone are the days when vending machines dispensed just chips and cola, they’re taking convenience to a whole new level by now dispensing million-dollar super-luxury cars! As surreal as it sounds, the super cars vending machine is a reality in Singapore, a land known for its innovation and high-octane car culture. The Autobahn Motors (ABM) showroom in Singapore is touted as the world’s most expensive vending machine. Inspired by a toy car collection, the showroom uses a high-tech system to select and deliver your chosen dream car in just two minutes. 

Here, you choose your dream ride from a giant touchscreen interface, similar to how you’d pick a candy bar. Once you’ve made your selection, the machine retrieves your chosen car from its automated storage unit and delivers it to the ground floor presentation area. This technological marvel has become a major tourist attraction, offering a glimpse into the future of car dealerships. While this machine doesn’t function exactly like a traditional vending machine (well, you can’t buy a Bugatti using coins!), it’s a creative way to showcase these luxury vehicles and caters to Singapore’s limited space. So, if you’re ever in Singapore with a spare million lying around, you know where to go for a truly unforgettable car shopping experience. 

Autobahn Motors—a used car seller—opened the world’s largest car vending machine back in 2017. This one-of-a-kind dealership is the brainchild of car enthusiast Gary Huang. Facing limitations on showroom space in land-scarce Singapore, Huang took inspiration from a trip to Toys R Us with his son and created this futuristic car showroom. This 15-storey dealership with a towering glass tower showcases up to 60 luxury cars like Lamborghinis, and Bentleys.  ABM’s vending machine format aims to make efficient use of space in land-scarce Singapore as well as standing out from the competition. 


Customers who want to select a car have a touchscreen on the ground floor. They can use the touchscreen device to select the luxury car they want to check out and the car arrives within a minute or two using the advanced vehicle retrieval system. Here, the potential customers also get to watch a video of their chosen cars while they wait for it to arrive on the ground floor (takes all of two minutes) for a test drive or sale. 

ABM’s car vending machine in Singapore deals in premium car brands from the likes of Porsche, Mercedes-Benz, Land Rover, BMW, Ferrari, Alfa Romeo, Bentley, Aston Martin, Rolls Royce to some rare modern classics like 1974 BMW 2002 Baur Cabriolet.  

Providing interactive experience without haggling of sales persons in a stuffy showroom, ABM’s automotive wonderland has made luxury cars shopping fun. Fit for the 21st century, ABM car vending machine concept isn’t just about convenience; it’s about redefining luxury!

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