Inside Balmoral Castle, British Royal’s Private Retreat In Scotland

A look at the British Royals’ private sanctuary ‘Balmoral Castle’ in Scotland!

Balmoral Castle is like a Scottish fairy tale come to life! And, lucky are those who can visit this fantastical castle in real-life. Yes, that’s right, not even The Crown makers had access to the castle’s interiors. But, for the first time ever, this grand estate nestled amidst the stunning landscapes of Aberdeenshire, Scotland, is opening its door for visitors. So, if you’re planning a trip to Scotland, do not miss this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to see a castle oh-so-significant in the history.


This year, the grounds, gardens and exhibitions of this unexplored castle will be open from Saturday 4th May until Sunday 11th August and tickets have been made available online. This exclusive Balmoral expedition is only for 10 guests at a time. The castle announced an exciting range of options for visiting Balmoral, including afternoon tea, an expedition tour or a private tour with experienced guides. Until now, guests were only allowed to enter the castle grounds and that too for a limited duration. 


Here, travel through time from the purchase of the Balmoral by Queen Victoria and Prince Albert, through to the present day, where you can see how rooms within the Castle are used today by their Majesties The King and Queen and other members of the Royal Family. Stroll through the serene gardens and witness the history unfold within its granite walls! Here’s everything you need to know about the Balmoral Castle.


Owned by the British Royal Family since 1852, this castle has been a favourite getaway for generations of monarchs. The notoriously private residence built in the Scottish Baronial style has been a sanctuary for the royal family since it was first purchased for Queen Victoria by Prince Albert. The castle that has been around since the 15th century, went under several additions and renovations over the years after the Royals took over. For instance, Queen Victoria and Prince Albert added a whole new building on the estate in the year 1856 and demolished the original castle while other royals also added their bit over the years.


The majestic palace  designed as Gothic Revival’s Scots Baronial (architecture style) features conical roofs, turrets and defensive walls asymmetrically. The palace’s turreted clocktower remains an eye-catching feature to this day.  Situated near River Dee, this 167-room castle is set in a park of a staggering 50,000 acres of land. The property has around 150 buildings on the property in total, viz. Garden Cottage (built for Queen Victoria’s children), Baile-na-Coille (for servants), Karim Cottage, and Birkhall, among others.


The castle’s regal ballroom featuring gigantic chandeliers, mounted stag heads, and trefoil designs adds to the charm of the castle. The castle houses a grand drawing room, spacious study apart from the numerous living rooms. Some of them are adorned with patterned wall coverings, fire screens, gilded painted portraits and plaid carpeting while others feature floral drapes, candelabra (candle stands), weapons decoration and fine wooden furniture.

This exclusive estate for the British Royals has beautiful gardens spread across 50,000 acres. The staggering area features both rugged Scottish landscape and manicured and structured parks. The estate also boasts a flower garden, vegetable garden, water garden, floral walkway, and an oak-filled area. Amidst all this, stands a statue of Queen Victoria’s collie dog, called Noble. Over the years, the Balmoral Castle—which served as one of the favourite exclusive retreats for the British Royal family, has been a site of many significant moments that has been etched in history! All history lovers, hurry up and book your tickets now for a tour worth bragging about.

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