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Add glamour to your travel style draped in luxury threads and check into these fashion brand-run hotels.

Pack your bags and fasten your seat belt, as this isn’t just a getaway but a style statement! In a world of wanderlust, where bon vivants like to travel with suitcases filled with their favourite brands like Versace or Armani, they also prefer a stylish stay. Their love for these brands has prompted them to deep dive into the hospitality industry. Recently, more and more fashion houses are opening hotels and restaurants across the world offering consumers a more exclusive experience of their brands. This fusion of high-end fashion and high-end hospitality has birthed a new era of travel. Imagine strolling through Bulgari-designed corridors in Milan or indulging in Fendi-fabulous suites in Rome as we unravel the jet-setting adventures for those who believe that holidays and high-end labels are perfect companions. Take your vacay-game a notch up with landscapes of ultra-luxury brands-turned-hoteliers.


Fendi Private Suites

Situated in the heart of Rome, the Fendi Private Suites is a sumptuous palazzo that offers luxury and exclusive access to and immersion into the Fendi world. The Palazzo Fendi served as the headquarters for the brand in Rome since 2005 and now has been transformed into the world’s first Fendi hotel. The hotel on the third floor of the flagship boutique store has a selection of luxe suites. The opulent Palazzo Fendi  has seven uniquely designed suites that redefine shopping and accommodation experience for the guests. The palazzo originally belonged to the noble Boncompagni Ludovisi family and has been restored and restyled to create an epitome of a beautiful design and high-end luxury. Fendi also offers the guests a fine-dining experience at Zuma Restaurant with a Japanese fusion menu. 

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Luxury Brand HotelBulgari Hotels & Resorts

Bulgari Hotels & Resorts is rising to the top of the premium hospitality hotel collections worldwide, conveying the excitement of the Bulgari brand, its timeless glamour and its heritage of magnificent Roman jeweller. Their properties are spread across major metropolitan cities and opulent island getaways. Located in Tokyo, London, Dubai, Bali, Beijing, Milan, Rome, Shanghai and Paris, every hotel is imbued with true Bulgari elegance. Designed with an Italian contemporary luxury feel, enriched by rare and lavish materials, featuring design furniture and custom-built details, each of the Bulgari hotels does not cease to make a strong reference to the local culture. Bulgari takes the extravagant services further by offering unique culinary experiences with their bars and restaurants. 

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Palazzo Versace Hotel, Dubai

The Palazzo Versace, located in Dubai, is steeped in classic Italian design, and offers luxury accommodation that reflects the true essence of the Versace brand. Decorated with parquet flooring, a canvas of elaborate white and cream boiseries, and a pastel palette of silk furnishings the property also offers exceptional service. The Palazzo’s 215 suites and rooms are furnished with the Versace Home Collection that features uplifting colours of turquoise blue, beige, gold, and salmon. Guests can enjoy the serene views of the Dubai Creek or Jaddaf Waterfront from the maison’s private balcony or terrace. Palazzo Versace Dubai offers an eccentric gastronomy where each venue is a tribute to Versace’s signature works.

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The Karl Lagerfeld Hotel, Macau

 Experience the transcendent world of Karl Lagerfeld, Chanel’s most celebrated designer at The Karl Lagerfeld hotel situated in Macau. Touted to be the world’s first and only hotel entirely designed by and named after the late fashion legend, the property encompasses a journey into the ethos, vision, and distinctive aesthetics of Karl. The hotel offers 271 rooms, infused with a symphony of rock-chic aesthetics and elegant Chinoiserie elements. The property’s spa, gym, and pools echo Lagerfeld’s bold and inspired blend–creating an atmosphere that is uniquely his own. The signature restaurant, Mesa by José Avillez, is a culinary masterpiece translating Lagerfeld’s iconic tastes in an equally exquisite chic setting. The Book Lounge at the hotel draws inspiration from Lagerfeld’s home library in Paris.

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Armani Hotel, Dubai

 The Armani Hotel Dubai, offers guests exclusive access to the fashion brand’s essence, amidst the clouds in the world’s tallest tower. The hotel by world-renowned Italian designers intertwines seamlessly with signature Arabian hospitality at the heart of the iconic Burj Khalifa. Exclusively occupying eleven floors of the Burj Khalifa, the Armani Hotel Dubai is a striking symbol of creativity and enterprise. A grand entrance leads you to an oasis of luxury, where bespoke memories come to life. The Armani Dubai offers direct access to The Dubai Mall to ensure guests convenience and entertainment. Armani/Lounge, a swanky lounge nestled in the heart of the Armani hotel, overlooks the breathtaking Dubai Fountain, offering a perfect setting to meet friends, discuss business, or simply savour innovative interpretations of international cuisine. Savour tea and snacks or indulge in an Italian-style meal at sunset exclusively at Armani/Lounge.

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Vermelho by Christian Louboutin, Portugal

 Vermelho, a boutique hotel in Melides, Portugal, is a culturally inquisitive haven curated by Christian Louboutin. It aims at providing the guests from every corner of the world to live la vie en rouge (a vibrant life in red).  The property perfectly displays Louboutin’s maximalist aesthetic adorned with his signature colour red and echoes his design’s warmth and intimacy. The 13-room hotel is decorated with Christian’s personally sourced furniture, art and ceramics. Bursting with local craftsmanship, distinctive artworks, and amenities for a memorable stay, each room is a unique tale. Xtian, the restaurant within Vermelho, is a culinary journey filled with Portuguese treasures, passed down through generations.

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Lungarno Collection by Ferragamo, Italy

 Lungarno Collection, is a group of luxury boutique hotels curated by the renowned Ferragamo brand. Ferragamo has six hotels in two prime destinations of Italy–Florence and Rome. At the heart of this collection of hotels lies the jewel, the Portrait Suites Hotel, an epicentre of culture and heritage. Situated above the Ferragamo store on the iconic Via Condotti in Rome, the Portrait Suites Hotel stands as a tribute to the splendour and luxury of Rome in the ’50s. Its 14 exclusive suites have been designed to blend the charm of that era with modern amenities, offering a unique and enchanting experience for every guest. The hotel offers stunning views from the terrace of the Trinità dei Monti and allows guests to truly immerse themselves in the Roman lifestyle. Lungarno Collection extends its allure to Florence, creating a network of hotels that redefine the art of hospitality, ensuring a taste of timeless luxury and style.

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