Because nothing exudes more luxury than eating gold, literally!

Dubai is home to gold and their love for gold isn’t just limited to wearables. It’s extended to food now. Yes, you heard that right! This city is serving edible gold-plated food for an ultra-luxurious culinary experience. From foods like steaks, ice creams, burgers to  beverages like cappuccinos—this city offers an array of golden food. FYI, the gold here is edible which is usually flavourless, typically grounded into powder, glitter or into extremely thin sheets. And, since the key ingredient is pure gold, the food is also equally expensive. Whether it’s a gilded cappuccino at the Burj Al Arab’s Sahn Eddar or a 24-karat gold steak at Rhain, Dubai offers a touch of luxury (and shimmer) to your meal. With gold flakes and leaves, Dubai lets you dine like royalty! Check out our picks of the top places in Dubai to devour a golden meal.


Sahn Eddar


Sip a golden cup of Cappuccino at Sahn Eddar in Burj Al Arab, one of the most iconic 7-star hotels in Dubai. This high-end restaurant serves gold-plated meals and delicacies with a view of Dubai’s striking skyline. Here, the most popular item that has piqued the interest of many foodies and celebrities is the 24K gold cappuccino, in which gold is incorporated with the froth and heaped on top. A smooth blend of quality coffee and pure 24-karat gold served in a gold tray, with a gold spoon and a gold bone-China cup is a vision you can’t miss! Other dishes you can’t miss are vitello tonnato, Burj Al Arab salad, potato gnocchi, penne pasta, and red prawn carpaccio.




Adding a golden twist in Turkish cuisine, Bosporus, a Turkish restaurant in Dubai will grace your tastebuds with gold-plated baklava cheesecake. Apart from this sweet delight, Bosporus serves five other gold wrapped dishes including gold Asado burger, gold cappuccino, gold bar kebab, and the magnificent gold ribeye and tomahawk steaks. Here, savour the taste of Ottoman cuisine, starting with their spread of breakfast including Al Sultan and Ottoman breakfast. You must try their cocktails Volcano and the Bosporus Special for a flavourful blast.



rhain steak

Take a bite of meaty steak at Rhain, where the Wagyu steak is wrapped in gold leaves. This gourmet meat house serves a variety of wet and dry aged meats and their premium 400g Australian Wagyu striploin is the star that steals the show! Savour visible luxury infused with flavours and juices for one-of-kind experience. Rhain also serves different kinds of burgers with Wagyu meat and beef tenderloin. On your visit here, also do try their other drool-worthy dishes including Neapolitan meatballs, watermelon feta, Niçoise salad, spicy tuna and truffle Rigatoni.


Bombay Borough

biryanibombay borough

Who doesn’t love Biryani! And, Biryani topped with 23K gold is on another level altogether! At Bombay Borough in Dubai, eat the most costliest and shiniest Biryani in the world. Here, you must try The Royal Biryani platter that includes Kashmiri lamb seekh kebabs, old Delhi lamb chops, Rajput chicken kebabs, Mughlai koftas, and Malai chicken served over saffron-infused Biryani and a gold garnish. At Bombay Borough, enjoy their Kulfi Pop Bar and take a nostalgic stroll to your childhood.


Dhaba Lane

End your glitzy culinary experience at sweet note with Dhaba Lane’s exclusive Gold Kulfi stick. This special treat is served in Dhaba Lane’s Al Nahda branch. This drool-worthy Kulfi stick is covered with a generous layer of 22K gold leaf, which is placed across the stick and served with a sweet spread of rabri. When in Dhaba Lane, do try their authentic North Indian cuisine and desserts. Opt for a dhaba style thali, their tandoori murgh or makkai matar malai for soul-filling meal in Dubai.

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