Delve into the world behind velvet ropes, where all things are classy, secretive and ultra-luxurious!

Ever wondered what happens at secret and most exclusive private clubs in the world? We do too! Well, these clubs featured in numerous fictional thrillers including Netflix’s You are playgrounds for the rich and famous, veiled in an air of mystery! The real allure of ultra-exclusive clubs lie in the feeling of belonging to an elite group. Rubbing shoulders with CEOs and celebrities, or sipping cocktails in a luxurious setting that feels worlds apart from the everyday.  These clubs are havens for extraordinary, an ultra-elite place for meetings, business, relaxation, wellness, and fun all at once. What happens in these clubs stays in these clubs only!  But this exclusivity comes at a cost. There are often hefty membership fees and rigorous application processes. Some clubs even require generations of family pedigree to get in! Intriguing, right? Do you also want a peek inside this ultra-eliteness? Here’s a glimpse of five of the world’s most exclusive member clubs.


Yellowstone Club, Montana

yellowstone club1

 Perched in the Rocky Mountains of Montana, the Yellowstone Club is for adventurous elites. The club counts Bill Gates, Eric Schmidt , Justin Timberlake, Tom Brady, Jessica Biel,  Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez among its members. Spread across 15,200 acres of land, Yellowstone is the world’s only club offering a private ski, golf and adventure community (mountain biking, kayaking). To get a membership of the club, it’s necessary for individuals to purchase a community’s property ranging from 2 to 25 million dollars, with an initiation fee of 400,000 dollars.


R360, Denver

r360-2 club

 R360  is a club for the uber-rich and getting a membership here is not even a billionaire’s play! This club is so exclusive that it has a strict $100 million net worth requirement and sometimes more. Membership in this ultra-luxe club is limited to 500 people from the United States and 500 from across the world. However, there are now just 100 members altogether, so we may take this club’s claims about being selective seriously. With membership comes access to exclusive investment opportunities, support groups, and private getaways. So, if you’re looking to rub shoulders with the world’s elite, the R360 Club might be for you–as long as you can get past the hefty fee.


Silencio, Paris


Touted as Europe’s most exclusive private member’s club, Silencio has the most mystifying entry scenes and has a strange Instagram presence. To arrive at the official entrance of the club, one has to pass through six dark flights of stairs. Housed in the heart of Ville Lumiere, a few steps from the Paris Stock Exchange, the club is designed by David Lynch. The Silencio is dedicated to the arts and celebration, an unmissable meeting place that brings together artists, creatives and entrepreneurs from around the world. Silencio has an elite members list including designers, writers, musicians, actors and has hosted parties by the likes of Chanel, Hermès, Balenciaga and Kanye West. 


CORE: , New York


 A haven for Manhattan’s ultra-wealthy, CORE: is a perfect place to conduct “business of life”. The club founded in 2005 has members such as Starbucks’ CEO, Howard Schultz and Bill Clinton. The club is also known to be visited by former US President Donald Trump, given its proximity to Trump Towers. After getting into the club from a secret entrance of a building, members can experience concerts or indulge in conversations with global leaders. CORE: boasts an art collection that includes some of the most prominent contemporary artists, such as Andy Warhol, a gourmet restaurant managed by Davide Venturini, a gym with a spa, and the Institute of Skinovation, which is outfitted with the most advanced skin care and anti-aging systems. The entry fee for the illustrious members is 50,000 USD a year. 

1930, Milan


We can say that 1930 is the best kept secret of Milan. It is so secretive that it doesn’t have any website or online presence at all. So, this club truly follows the concept of being mysterious. 1930 has only 34 members and all these ultra-rich individuals are living in a spy-verse! The club has a dominance of young members, however their identity is not known. To become a member of this secret circle an individual has to become a regular at Mag Café or Barba (other places owned by 1930’s owners) and the grandmaster chooses a worthy member. Once chosen, your reward awaits at Milan’s ‘upside down’. Upon entering the hidden doors of the bar, you find yourself straight into Belle Époque’s temple. The bar  is furnished with liberty-style furnishings, candle-lit atmosphere, vintage art pieces and a grand piano. Members can sip their array of exquisite cocktails while relaxing in antique armchairs and background music.


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