Step Into These 5 Historic Cafes For A Bridgerton-Inspired Afternoon Tea

These cafes on our list will serve you with decadent decor and fancy cakes in finest china!


Dearest readers, Tis the time to steal a noon for yourself and whisk away to a world of Regency flair and genteel gossip with a hot beverage! To a world with dainty finger sandwiches, fluffy scones with clotted cream and jam, and an assortment of delectable pastries. A setting worthy of Lady Whistledown herself. But where to find such exquisite experience, you ask? Look no further than cafes brimming with old-world charm and steeped in tradition. These grand establishments are gilded in glamour and offer a delightful escape to the bygone era. The cafes are adorned with plush seating, crisp linens, and delicate strains of classical music playing in the background (keeping Bridgerton vibes in check). Here, every detail conspires to transport you to the era of extravagant balls and carriage rides, the perfect backdrop for your very own little tea soiree. So, why the wait? Gather your dearest friends, don your finest attire (think pastel hues and floral motifs!) to sip on afternoon teas at these 5 beautiful historic cafes around the world.


New York Café, Budapest, Hungary

A legend in Budapest, New York Café is considered as one of the most beautiful cafes in the world. This Italian Renaissance-style masterpiece has stood tall since 1894. The interior of this lavish café is filled with giant marble columns, glistening chandeliers, and ornate ceilings featuring intricate frescoes, and grand staircases. Along with piping hot coffee or tea, if you fancy some bite to nibble, the menu here serves some authentic Austro-Hungarian cuisine. Do try the famous desserts here including Dobos, Sacher and Eszterházy cake.


Caffe Florian, Venice, Italy

One of the oldest cafes in the world, Caffe Florian in Venice is steeped in history for serving its world-famous cacao coffee, wine and more. Treating the people since 1720, the café is set in the heart of Venice’s St Mark’s Square. Adorned with frescoed ceilings and mirrored interior, Florian will surely take you back to the poised 18th century. lforian’s menu propose fresh and tasty bites including cakes, parfaits and savoury snacks that perfectly matches with your choice of beverage.


Café de la Paix, Paris, France

Café de la Paix, Paris, France

The Café de la Paix is one of the legendary Parisian cafes where you stop for a coffee on the terrace or succumb to the temptation of a homemade pastry. Located on the Place de l’Opéra, the Café de la Paix opened in 1862. Boasting a blend of listed Napoleon III decor, the café is timeless and perfectly preserved. Here, you can experience Parisian chic and the classics of French cuisine, served for over 150 years.


Gran Caffè Gambrinus, Naples, Italy

Gran Caffè Gambrinus, Naples, Italy

A landmark 19th-century coffee house serving java drinks and pastries, Gran Caffè Gambrinus was founded in 1860. It boasts magnificent interiors from the historical period, including artwork, statues, and brilliant chandeliers.  This historic Italian coffeehouse brews strong espresso that you can enjoy while sharing a heartfelt conversation with your friends. The place is a luxurious haven to enjoy ice creams and baked bites.


Cafe Imperial, Prague, Czechia

Cafe Imperial is a grand cafe with a rich history dating back to 1383. Known for its Art Nouveau interior, featuring mosaic-tiled walls and a high ceiling, Imperial is one of the most beautiful cafes in the city. This cafe will serve as the perfect spot to have an afternoon tea in all your dressed glory. Here, you must try their hand-decorated cakes and the Imperial, made with dates. You can also try the salads, sandwiches, soups and substantial dishes such as wild salmon and beef tartar.

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