Strike A Pose At 6 Most Click-Worthy Staircases In The World


Some of these stairs are architecture masterpieces while others boast ultra-scenic views!


Staircases are much more than just a medium of getting from one floor to another! They are architectural marvels, works of art, and even conversation starters! Often, it’s with the most beautiful staircases whose function is frequently forgotten, as the structure is appreciated for its magnificence. A staircase so spectacular that it can make you want to strike a pose? You know the feeling—that urge, where your feet take the stairs, but your mind is already composing the perfect Instagram pic? Nestled across the world, these unique and incredible stairways are just waiting to get discovered. Some of the staircases wind upwards like a ribbon while some are adorned with glittering mosaics. So, grab your most stylish outfit and get ready to turn heads (and clicks) because we’re about to hop on a journey to the world’s most pose-worthy stairways. These stairs will take you to new heights (of fabulousness)!


Bom Jesus do Monte in Braga, Portugal

Bom Jesus Do Monte Braga

 Known as the ‘Sacred Way’, the staircase of Bom Jesus do Monte overlooking the city of Braga is emblematic. Located on the slopes of Mount Espinho, these stairways lead to the 18th-century sanctuary of Bom Jesus (Good Jesus) on top of the hill. The celebrated stairs known for its zigzag pattern is one of the finest Baroque works. These iconic stairways of dark granite covered in white plaster are adorned with walls, steps, fountains, statues and other ornamental elements.


Spanish Steps, Italy

spanish steps_

 The Spanish Steps are one of the most monumental staircases in Rome, Italy. It climbs through a steep slope between the Piazza di Spagna at the base and the Piazza Trinità dei Monti, dominated by the Trinità dei Monti church, at the top. Built between 1723 and 1725 in the Baroque style, it consists of 135 steps. This striking piece of art that has been featured in many films will definitely make your Insta pics more aesthetic.

Chand Baori, India

Chand Baori

One of India’s largest and steepest stepwell will act as a perfect backdrop for all the pictures you

will get it when visiting Chand Baori in Abhaneri. With 3,500 narrow steps arranged in perfect symmetry, the steps descend 13 stories making eye-pleasing angles. Constructed between  the 8th and  9th centuries, Chand Baori is definitely one of the oldest and most attractive architectural styles in India.


Heaven’s Gate Mountain, China

Heavens Gate Mountain

Set in the Tianmen Mountain National Park in China, Heaven’s Gate Mountain has a 999 steps staircase that leads to its top. The stairs are a popular tourist destination and are known for their challenging climb and scenic views on both sides of the divide thanks to a 431-foot tall natural hole in the mountain.


The Vessel, New York

The vessel

 The Vessel, a unique architectural landmark located in Hudson Yards, New York City has a network of stairs that let visitors enjoy the impressive city views. With 16 stories, the Vessel is a honeycomb-like structure designed by Thomas Heatherwick that features 154 flights of stairs. A unique feature of this architecture is that it mirrors every movement below and above the 150-foot high different levels. 


La Muralla Roja, Spain

Muralla Roja

 La Muralla Roja, Spanish for  ‘The Red Wall’ is a housing project in the rocky cliffs of Calpe,  housing the most picturesque stairs. An impossible structure from outside, the apartment has been inspired from classic Arab/Mediterranean architecture. The striking colours in jewel-like blues, shades of indigo and zig zag patterns of the stairs makes La Muralla Roja a must visit for some fun pictures.

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