From hospitality, haute cuisine to heritage, experience the city’s exquisite offerings all at once!

Tokyo is a treat! A city of surprises, splashed with neon explosions across a historic landscape. The frenetic city is equal parts towering skyscrapers, ancient temples, and streets crammed with the latest and high-end trends. Here, centuries-old shrines share streets with department stores and karaoke joints, and traditional artisanship races with high design luxurious fashion. In Tokyo’s cultural haven, you’ll find every modern convenience there is! And those seeking all-things-opulent in Tokyo, just wait for the city to mesmerise you with what it has to offer! A detail-oriented, beauty-obsessed and hospitality-focused Tokyo has luxury in abundance. For travel connoisseurs, it guarantees a stay at the finest of hotels, a gastronomic experience to tantalise your taste buds, diverse arts and stunning scenic natural beauty. Whether you want to spend your time on a high fashion street or experience authentic Japanese culture, Tokyo has something to keep your vibe buzzing. So before jet-setting to Tokyo, read our guide and make sure to tick off these luxe experiences to make the most of your escapade to Japan.


Where to stay


Tokyo has some of the finest hotels in the world, some offering spectacular top-of-skyscraper views, super-central locations and renowned restaurants, while others with sprawling spas, infinity pools and luxe Ryokan (traditional Japanese-style stay).Aman Tokyo, one of Tokyo’s finest five-star hotels, provides a spectacular view of the city (and, on clear days, Mount Fuji) from the top of the Otemachi Tower. The hotel’s urban, modern ambiance is balanced by traditional Japanese designs in guest rooms and suites, as well as the large Aman Spa.


Four Seasons Hotel Tokyo 2 

The immaculate rooms at Four Seasons Hotel Tokyo capture the peacefulness of the Imperial Palace Gardens, which can be seen far below, with large, cloud-like beds and bath tubs next to panoramic windows.  Cocktails flow at the glamorous mirrored bar, Virtù, while you can savour the taste of France at Est, which serves contemporary French cuisine using ingredients obtained from Japan.



For a true Japanese-style stay, book HOSHINOYA Tokyo, which claims to be the city’s first truly luxurious ryokan. Housed in a 17-story skyscraper, the tatami mats, cotton futons and onsen will transport you back to a simpler time.


Park Hyatt, Andaz, The Peninsula, The Ritz-Carlton, Mandarin Oriental, Shangri-La, Bulgari Hotel and Palace hotels are other luxury outposts in central areas offering five-star services with a touch of Japanese hospitality.



Where to eat 


Tokyo is a food paradise and its culinary offerings are one of the main tourist attractions. Take eight-seat Sushi Saito, which continues to astound guests (those who can get in) with its flawless morsels or try Kaiseki ryori, an elaborate multi-course meal that showcases Japanese cooking methods. You can dine at Michelin-starred restaurant Ryu Gin and try its most popular ‘Ryu Gin curry’ or enjoy chef Yamamoto’s Roppongi Pudding and take some of it as a souvenir.


At Sushi Yoshitake, dine on its delectable three-star sushi crafted by chef Yoshitake. Yoshitake’s entrée includes a variety of nigiri sushi and tsunami, as well as other ocean-inspired dishes. Here, tender braised octopus is full of flavour, and oysters are paired with shiso and oyster dashi jelly for delicious briny mouthfuls.


Tokyo is home to many exotic cuisines with a plethora of chefs who have perfected contemporary French cuisine. Shuzo Kishida has been recognised for his degustation dinners since establishing Quintessence in 2006, with three Michelin stars. Kishida’s creations–goat’s milk bavarois and meringue ice cream, are must try dishes among other specialties.


What to do


A day shopping at Ginza SIX is what you need to catch-up on all fashion trends. The luxurious shopping district is a hub of high-end brands from international giants like Chanel, Louis Vuitton, and Gucci to renowned Japanese labels such as Mikimoto and Tasaki. Cruise in the neighbourhood of Shimokitazawa and shop at Haight & Ashbury, a high-end vintage shop for unique Japanese clothing.


Tokyo has plenty of sites that exhibit the city’s legacy and if you’re a culture-seeker, visit Sensō-ji, the city’s oldest Buddhist temple, located in historic Asakusa, which also offers rickshaw rides, kimono experiences, and a busy Nakamise shopping street.



As cherry blossom season is here, witness the city welcoming the bloom of Sakura flowers. Take in the breathtaking sight for an unforgettable experience in the Ueno Park or at Shinjuku National Garden. Indulge in day picnics and boozy parties beneath the pink-hued trees.

tea ceremony

Japan is renowned in the world for its tea and sake. Attend a private tea ceremony wearing a customary kimono or take a luxury sake tour, where you can taste Japanese alcohol in its true glory.

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