Taste ‘The Way Of Tea’ And Calm Your Senses At These Tea Ceremonies In Tokyo

Beyond just serving and receiving tea, these ceremonies cultivate an appreciation for living in the moment!


Setting off on an adventure to Tokyo as you can’t get enough of Japan’s flamboyant capital? Why Not! Tokyo is a city so dynamic that offers modern thrills and deeply rooted cultural practices all at once that lure the travellers. Originating over a thousand years ago, the Japanese tea ceremony is one such experience steeped in history that plays a major role in the same. This beautiful ritual is no less than an art for the people of Japan. Known as ‘Chanoyu’ or ‘Sado’, the Japanese tea ceremony is a meditative practice and pays homage to their world-famous hospitality. Picture this, you are sitting with legs folded in a serene haven, where the host dressed in kimono (a traditional Japanese fit) is making a green tea for you. The host slowly whisks the matcha till it turns emerald green and serves it in a special bowl for you to savour it. You enjoy the hot tea in a peaceful surrounding and learn to appreciate the present, your company. Just perfect, isn’t it. In this article, we take you on a captivating journey of tranquil Japanese tea ceremonies in Tokyo.



MAIKOYA is one of the renowned cultural experience centres in Tokyo, Japan, where you can experience kimono and tea ceremony in the same place. In this unique experience, a friendly host will walk you through step by step of a traditional tea ceremony. You will see all the unique utensils used and have an explanation of the delicate moves of your host as they prepare your tea. Here, you can engage in this age-old ritual while wearing authentic kimonos. It also offers a variety of other cultural activities, including calligraphy lessons, flower arrangement workshops.



 Surrounded by the sea and serene natural beauty, HAPPO-EN is a traditional tea house nestled in the garden of Minto city. At this tea house, experience the Japanese tea ceremony in an Edo period garden filled with bonsai trees and nishikigoi or Koi ponds. In the ceremony, the tea tea master explains everything from how to use the tools to how to prepare the tea, so that even beginners can enjoy the activity.



HiSUi is a multi-art school that specialises in traditional Japanese culture. The traditional tea ceremony here follows the teachings of Sen no Rikyu, a historical figure who significantly influenced the Japanese way of tea, particularly the Wabi-cha tradition. Their tea room is an authentic 8-tatami-mat space designed to resemble teahouses from the Azuchi-Momoyama period (1568-1600). Throughout the year, they carefully adjust the decorations and procedures of the tea ceremony highlighting the connection between humans and nature.


Shizu Kokoro

Shizu Kokoro is one of the largest tea schools in Japan that teaches ‘the way of tea’ or ‘Chado’. Here, the workshops designed for visitors are conducted entirely in English and provide a 90-minute immersive experience in a traditional tea room. Here, you can learn about the core principles of the tea ceremony, such as harmony, respect, and even get hands-on experience preparing a bowl of matcha tea.



Located in the buzzing streets of Ginza, Chazen is a renowned establishment in Tokyo that offers a traditional Japanese tea ceremony experience. This unique tea house in Japan’s ultra-popular sightseeing spot combines traditional Japanese tea culture with a prime location. Their tea rooms are authentic chashitsu—rooms with a purifying “tsukubai” washbasin and a traditional small “nijiriguchi” entrance. This tea ceremony in Chazen is explained in multiple languages making it meet the foreign travellers’ needs.

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