Mulled wine all the way! Christmas is loved predominantly for two reasons – one, for all the magical festivities and joyful ambience and two, for the mouth-watering delicacies and tempting hot mulled wine. This cosy and quintessential drink is prepared from red wine, candied citruses, mulled spices like nutmeg or cinnamon and a dash of Brandy. Whether you are a rookie or already championing the mulled wine squad, we’ve got you covered! Here’s our specially curated list of the best mulled wine spots in the city where you can relish the true essence of this festive season.

Nestled in BKC’s upscale neighbourhood, Kyma is an elegant kitchen and bar offering palatable Asian and Mediterranean cuisine, crafted exotic cocktails and lots more. This picturesque restaurant is buzzing all year round with its cosy ambience and quality food. And now, to celebrate the merriest time of the year, it has come up with the classic Christmas staple – a ‘mulled wine sangria’ prepared from quintessential winter flavours such as cranberry, raspberry, honey, cinnamon and cloves. If you are a sucker for some Asian and Mediterranean crossover, paired with a glass of delightful mulled wine, then drop by for a festive feast!
Enjoy a mulled wine sangria time at: Kyma, BKC, Mumbai-400050

Located in the commercial hub of BKC, O Pedro brings out the quintessential Goan charm in Mumbai. The swanky eatery is well known for its delectable food – serving regional specialities created from the confluence of Goan and Portuguese cuisine, and for its tropical beverages. The restaurant boasts an exquisite jamboree of well-crafted cocktails, And now, this Goan-at-heart restro invites you with its quirky interiors and home-y accents, to ring in the festive season with a classic hot mulled wine. So, if you are on the lookout to experience a Goan Christmas in Mumbai, you know where to go!
Sum up your Goan dining experience here, at: O Pedro, Jet Airways, BKC, Bandra, Mumbai-400050

This chic all-day restaurant serves amazing food, great brews and contemporary drinks. When the evening strikes, this posh bar bustles with jazzy tunes and enticing beverages! Come Christmas, they have assembled their best winter flavours infusing them into elegant cocktails to boost your holiday mood. Amongst the plethora of seasonal drinks, do try their ultimate Christmas special – a rich, flavourful mulled wine, made from the Australian beloved – Jacobs Creek. Along with hot mulled wine, they also offer a colder persona viz. ‘mulled wine on ice’ because we all know winters in Mumbai roll! (pun intended)
Perch on your wine fantasies at: Perch Wine and Coffee Bar, Khar, Mumbai-400052

With its light-filled backdrop, wooden chairs and sophisticated candour, Le Cafe is a doorway to serenity. The bistro specialises in contemporary European food paired with high-toned beverages. Among the cafe’s exquisite collection of boozy elixirs, check out their traditional Christmas cocktails such as egg nog and mulled wine. The most peculiar factor of Le Cafe is its philanthropic morales in the essence of helping the children battling cancer by donating a part of their acquired sales to Access Life Foundation (Mumbai). This Christmas make sure to visit this friendly cafe for a delightful feast teamed with a cosy cup of mulled wine.
Revel in the spirit of feel-good Christmas at: Le Cafe, Chembur, Mumbai

When speaking about the wine culture in India, you can’t miss out on the popular Grover Zampa vineyards. Being labelled as one of the country’s finest wine companies, they boast an extensive collection of premium wines. Christmas here is always special, and this year, Grover Zampa embraces the festive spirit by offering their exclusive bottled wonder – a mulled Kadha wine. This exquisite drink is a spiced wine made from the perfect blend of authentic Indian herbs and spices and their rich aroma. So, if you wish to sip on classic Christmas wine mixed with a zest of Indianness, then quickly grab your bottle of ‘mulled wine Kadha’ to warm up your holiday mood.
Pick your favourite grape wonder at: Grover Zampa, Bandra, Mumbai-400050

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