All I want for Christmas is a healthy vegan plum cake! The merry season has arrived and Mumbaikars are gearing up to celebrate Christmas with all its finery. While dessert shops and bakeries all across the city are coming through with endless options of delightful sweets and pastries, the quintessential charm of a traditional plum cake stands tall. Widely regarded as an essential delicacy of the festive season, Christmas is incomplete without plum cakes. With the vast number of Indians turning to a vegan diet due to health and moral reasons, these cafes and patisseries offer healthy and cruelty-free alternatives to regular cakes. So, to satiate all your yummy, vegan and gluten-free plum cake cravings, check out the list of the most outstanding bakeries and cake shops based in Mumbai, to make the most out of this festive season.

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Crowned successively for the last three years by the Times Food Awards as ‘The Best Patisserie Mumbai’, Deliciae by Bunty Mahajan is an upscale bakery and dessert shop. Here, you can find delectable vegan and gluten-free alternatives, ranging from assorted decadent chocolates to the bakery’s best seller – a tantalizing strawberry desserts collection carefully crafted by the chef. With all kinds of mouthwatering fantasies available, the chic patisserie has come up with its exclusive Christmas collection offering their vegan and gluten-free bestsellers – a delightful plum cake with a dash of alcohol and topped with edible Christmas adornments and a cute box containing mini versions of liquor-based rich and fruity plum cakes.
Location: Pali Rd, Bandra west, Mumbai-400050
Services Available: dine-in, takeaway, delivery.


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Going by its name, Healthy Treats by Divya and Hitesh is a health-centered bakeshop providing rich desserts and pastries filled with dried fruits and nuts. Backed by the purpose of delivering delicious yet healthy desserts, the cake shop’s owner Divya Ranglani strives to prepare the most appetising, moist and sumptuous treats by using fresh and natural ingredients, natural sweeteners such as apple sauce, honey, and carrots among others. The Bandra-based bakery is all about providing sugar-free, nut-free, oil-free and vegan treats for maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Ahead of the Christmas festival, the boulangerie has introduced its exclusive Christmas menu consisting of the hot-selling, super moist and delicious plum cake available in vegan, gluten-free and sugar-free options. This heavenly plum cake is exclusively available for Christmas and is a must-try!
Location: St. Cyril Rd, Bandra west, Mumbai-400050
Services Available: Takeaway, no-contact delivery


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Located in the regal Pali Hill area of Bandra, The Village Shop is an elegant and whimsical cafe that provides rich, flavoursome continental cuisines and desserts. The cafe also offers a range of healthy food and dessert options, allowing its guests to make customised sugar-free and gluten-free cakes and because of this, it is deemed an ideal place for all those health-conscious gourmets. Like all other finest places gearing up for the merry season, The Village Shop is also embracing the festive spirit by introducing specially curated festive hampers, along with an exclusive a la carte menu, made by using all-natural and organic ingredients. From its special Christmas menu, don’t miss out on the ultra-divine, moist, vegan and gluten-free plum cake.
Location: Pali Hill, Bandra
Services Available: Dine-in, takeaway, no-contact delivery

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Founded by chef Raveena Taurani, Yogisattava is India’s first 100% gluten-free and vegan, plant-based cafe located in Khar, Mumbai. In accordance with her magnanimous vision of supporting the livelihood of farmers, Raveena Taurani creates all her signature vegan and gluten-free delicacies made from natural and organic farm produce. The ‘farm to fork’ cafe is extensively famous for its fancy delectables including the ultimate cacao cake, chocolate-chip cookies, avocado toasts, Lebanese food bowl, vegan cheeses, brownies and lots more. Now exclusively for the festive season, Yogisattva has introduced its limited-edition Christmas special menu. From the exclusive desserts available on the menu, do try the vegan, gluten-free and organic spiced plum cake – elegantly crafted using fully grown plums, almond milk and unrefined coconut sugar.
Location: Khar Pali Rd, Khar, Mumbai-400050
Services Available: Dine-in, takeaway, no-contact delivery

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