5 Delightful Dining Experience With Falguni Peacock And Shane Peacock

In the lanes of  New York, London and Courchevel, we find ourselves savouring some of the best meals at world-class restaurants. 


Travelling has introduced us to a world of diverse cultures and fashion, but through it all, one thing that remains ever-intriguing is food. Each year, when we plan our workation, we never fail to factor in the lip-smacking food that a city has to offer. As vegans, we’re constantly on the lookout for new and interesting plant-based meals. We believe that a well-prepared, beautifully presented meal–shared with good company–is an experience to be savoured. Over the years, we have dined at some of the world’s finest restaurants and indulged in expertly crafted dishes with fresh ingredients, tasteful seasoning and impeccable plating. Overall, the whole dining affair at these restaurants and cafes transformed into a delightful experience for us. Some of those meals left a lasting impression–so much so that we might plan another trip just to relish these delectable meals again!

New York—the city that is close to our hearts, made us love it all the more with its sumptuous food offerings. On our trip during the New York Fashion Week in 2023—where we marked our comeback, we also indulged in unforgettable dining experiences in some of the city’s stunning restaurants and cafes. On Sullivan Street, next to 6th Avenue lies a Parisian champagne and dessert café Sweet Rehab that serves the most delectable French desserts. This dessert destination in the heart of NYC, surrounded by chic décor and melt-in-your-mouth pastries, was a treat for us. As we stepped inside, we were greeted by the air infused with the sweet aroma of freshly baked desserts. So much so we couldn’t hold our anticipation any longer and quickly placed our order for some of their signature items. The Parisian Black & White Truffle Madeleines infused with heavenly truffle butter were the perfect bite-sized sweet-rush for us. And then there’s the Honeycomb Truffle Brioche—a sweet masterpiece. The first bite of the buttery, crispy brioche left us wanting more for sure. The place had so many unique desserts that it not only satisfied our sweet tooth but also made us feel like we were back in the city of dreams, Paris.


During Fashion Week, New York gets as buzzy as it can. And amidst all the chaos, we decided to visit the Sartiano’s & Valentino Café—a special pink pop-up of the Italian couture house in SoHo. This modern Italian eatery at the Mercer Hotel is frequented by celebrities. As we were taking in the excitement around us, we ordered some of the delectable creations from their specially crafted all-pink menu. The Pink Jasmine Tea Latte—a creamy blend of milk infused with jasmine tea and topped with gorgeous pink-hued thick froth, was indescribably amazing. An experience like never before!


Amidst the hustle and bustle of all the preparations for the New York Fashion Week, we also seized the moment to dine at New York’s plushest fine-dining restaurant Grand Salon­­. This upscale restaurant in Baccarat Hotel epitomises the excellence of French cuisine. The shimmering Baccarat crystal décor, its rich velvety seating and the champagne-hued interiors of the Grand Salon got us awestruck. There, we immersed ourselves in the Parisian-style gastronomic affair which we washed down with our pick from their premium range of champagnes. From the vast menu of exotic dishes, we tried a handful of dishes that remain in our taste senses till now. For starters, we relished Wild Mushroom Bisque served with some pickled mushrooms and sourdough croutons. The velvety smooth texture of this thick mushroom soup warmed up our appetites. For the mains, we savoured the crunchy Roasted Maitake Mushrooms drenched in a coconut sauce and we ended our tasteful dinner with Apricot Olive oil cake for dessert that surprised us with its refreshing sweetness. Needless to say, we polished off all the exceptional food in no time!


The next one is really special! This was around the time when we were in London and on a fine evening, we went to dine at one of London’s best restaurants, Novikov, with our friends Sagar and Shribala Chordia. There, we relished Tagliolini with Tomatoes—a delicate, silky pasta in thick and savoury tomato sauce. It was one of the best pastas we’ve ever had so far.  Situated in the heart of Mayfair, Novikov is an award-winning restaurant and a place where we got starstruck–quite literally as we bumped into Hollywood celebrities Tom Cruise and Benedict Cumberbatch. 



Since we are talking about the best of the best, we can’t miss the  Louis Vuitton Cafe in Courchevel. This was our first time in Courchevel–a winter wonderland in France, where we had the chance to enjoy the best of French cuisine. We also ensured we did not miss out on any of the Courchevel-friendly activities. And, dining at Louis Vuitton Cafe—a pop-up set up opposite Cheval Blanc in this snow-haven, was one of them. Here, we indulged in a palatable al fresco lunch that was a mix of super crunchy salads, with avocados and edamame on the side.  Altogether, Courchevel served us solace, stunning scenery and sumptuous food all at once! 


Honestly, there are so many places around the world where we’ve enjoyed our fair share of fine food that we can say that those experiences with good food, warm company and great ambience not only filled our tummies but satisfied our souls too. These experiences are something we’ll cherish forever!

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