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Sophia Loren once said, “Luxury is having the opportunity to fully experience life.” This year, seekers of the extraordinary are redefining splendour as they embrace life to the fullest through the following top ten luxury travel trends –

1. Stargazing Sojourns:

From Northern Ireland’s starlit sky to the Milky Way gliding over the Atacama Desert in Chile, this travel trend is tickling the inner stargazer in travellers. Meteor showers, spotting constellations, and exploring the undisturbed pitch-dark night sky have made it to many travel checklists along with destinations like Norway, Iceland, and Finland. Our stay suggestion for the year? ‘The Leinster’.

2. Nautical Trails: 

With the possibility of a more intimate setting, cruise aficionados are ready to set sail! 2024 is seeing a surge in luxury travellers seeking an oceanic escape that clubs all-inclusive lavishness with the spice of adventure. Our suggestion for an incredible experience? Book a private yacht or cruise liner like the upcoming ‘Norwegian Viva’. 



3. Snooze Retreats:

Wish to escape the world? Luxe travellers across the globe are finding their solace in nature, taking a digital detox, and relaxing with sleep tourism. The main treasure here is switching off your phones, keeping tasks at bay, and rejuvenating with different spa treatments to recharge yourself. And the ideal place to feel so–‘Our Habitas Santa Teresa, Costa Rica’ or even ‘The Ritz-Carlton Rabat, Dar es Salaam’ in Morocco. 

4. Gourmet Gleanings:

Indulging in flavoursome stories of different countries is on the rise and travellers are more excited than ever for a culinary exploration. Traditional cuisines with a modern twist, Michelin-star restaurants offering their diverse take on authentic dishes, and wine tourism across vineyards of France, Spain, or Italy–all lay the red carpet for seekers of taste. Our match for your culinary plans–The Star Grand Hotel, Brisbane. 

5. Private Jets:

Sipping on your favourite drink in a luxurious setting at 30,000 feet and landing directly in your own slice of paradise set exclusively for your trip. Sounds exotic much? Whether it is travellers preferring secluded islands or serene temperate zones, private jet travel has ensured you land in style. Our suggestion? Book Gulfstream G700 for flights across Houston, Riyadh, or Saudi Arabia. 


6. Coolcationing:

Once centred on chasing the sun and basking in soaring temperatures, summer holidays now see a shift. Amidst record-breaking heat, luxe travellers are opting for “coolcations” in less-crowded, temperate destinations. What’s even better? Activities like kayaking in Norway’s midnight sun are complemented by the palatial stays of upcoming hotels like Six Senses Svart. 

7. Soiree Trips: 

Life’s milestones deserve celebration. Luxury travellers are seizing their moments with kin in a private and vibrant celebratory setting. While family and friends make the trip special, upcoming hotels like Corinthia Rome are set to offer the perfect backdrop for celebrations.

8. Travel 2.0:

It’s about time you got your own travel sidekick–AI! With AI guiding the way, personalised recommendations, seamless bookings, and tailored experiences are redefining luxury travel. Make AI-assisted apps like Destinations.AI or Curiosio your companions for smooth travel arrangements. 

9. Gig Tripping:

Whether it’s Taylor Swift or Beyoncé, travellers are chasing concerts worldwide, giving rise to another trend: gig tripping. Music fans, especially, are seeking a more memorable experience by seeing their idols perform. Even hoteliers are surfing the wave by lining up launches like La Playa Hotel in California and Fontainebleau Las Vegas with the trend. 

10. Shoulder Seasons: 

Receding winter and a perfect temperature–sounds like your ideal climate? Then hop onto this luxury travel trend where travellers explore a destination at a time when seasons are shifting. Our two cents to get the best of both seasons in comfort–Montage Cay, (Bahamas) or One&Only Kéa Island (Greece). 

From shifting perspectives to changing dynamics, the luxury travel horizon is evolving like never before. The sky’s the limit truly to hop, skip and jump from one trend to another in your quest for a blend of adventure and luxury. 



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