When she is not busy decoding the daily drama in the entertainment world digitally, Malini Agrawal likes to quench her wanderlust. The social butterfly side of the content creator, blogger, and social media activist are clearly evident on her official social media pages, so take a whiff of her carefree, wanderer side as she elaborates about every travel minutia when she takes off.
[Q] Do you call yourself a traveller or a tourist?
I am a traveler. I have wanderlust!
[Q] What kind of packer are you – light or heavy-duty?
Massively heavy-duty packer, but I’m trying to improve. I always feel like I will regret not taking something, so I end up taking everything!
[Q] What are your travel essentials?
All my chargers, a curling iron, makeup, makeup wipes, headphones, sneakers, sunglasses, and sling bags!
[Q] How many gadgets do you carry while travelling?
Loads! My phone, various battery packs, headphones, universal adaptors, hair iron, and a hand steamer for my clothes (I blame the #OOTDs I have to take!). But I have tried to stop carrying my laptop so that I can stay away from work. My Laptop only goes with me if the trip is more than three days long.
[Q] What are your travelling pet peeves?
I can’t do 6:00 am tour bus rides anymore. I’d rather walk around the city or hop on a bike or scooter.
[Q] What has been the most useful travel item you’ve bought?
For sure, my universal adaptor! It has saved me many times! As well as my travel makeup kit which keeps everything in order when I travel.
[Q] What’s the most reliable source of travel advice?
Friends who have been there and the Girl Tribe by MissMalini, our community of 55,000+ women who have the best travel advice!
[Q] What’s the most important thing that you’ve ever lost on any of your vacations?
I have often left random things behind at hotels, like shoes, clothes, or one earring! Luckily, I haven’t lost anything significant. I hope I didn’t just jinx it!
[Q] Do you prefer to walk, take public transport, or take private transport during a vacation?
I don’t mind walking or taking some kind of open-air transport. It’s nice to get a feel of the city that way. Closed private transport puts you in a cocoon. I also hate air-conditioned cars and buses. I mean, what’s the point of leaving your room then?!
[Q] What’s the best souvenir you’ve bought?
I collect a necklace from each place I have visited. It’s something from a street shop ideally with a little charm that reminds me of the trip. I brought back a stingray charm from my trip to the Maldives. (Pic)
[Q] Would you rather see a lot of places or get to know one really well?
I want to visit every corner of the world and then go back to the ones I fall in love with.
[Q] What is your dream travelling experience?
It would be traveling on a yacht around the Mediterranean Sea, stopping at different ports.
[Q] What, according to you, is the one most cliched thing to do when on a vacation?
Draw a heart in the sand with your initials in it. But that has never stopped me! (laughs)


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