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Sometimes a bit of consideration and kindness can make one go a long way, even at 38,000 feet! Every economic flyer’s ultimate dream is to be swept off from the main cabin and into the luxurious world on the other side of the curtain. If you are a frequent economic traveller, you may have shed all your hopes until now about getting a glamorous flight upgrade – but you might be wrong. While the norms of each flight are different, there are a few familiar perks that make the flight crew or the gate agents go the extra mile for a few lucky passengers. So, to all the hopeful and humble passengers who wish to seek an impromptu flight upgrade in the easiest way possible, pay heed to the top insider tips shared by flight attendants to help you make your businessy dream come true, as reported to a digital travel daily. 


The ‘Ask’ factor

The numero uno rule of a flight upgrade is knowing when to ask. Kat Kamalani, a former flight attendant and currently a popular video creator famous for her viral TikTok travel videos shared to a travel media platform that passengers should try to score an upgrade at the gate itself. A little polite talk can work wonders for you to access an upgrade from the gatekeepers. While the process onboard might vary according to the airlines, the gatekeepers normally have a list of frequent fliers who are eligible for upgrades. Be courteous and maybe a smile can make you a prime candidate for a last-minute flight upgrade.


Sometimes a bit of consideration

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People who are travelling with a baby in tow might have better chances of getting an upgrade. Make sure to exchange friendly greetings with the gate agents before boarding and if you are successful in receiving comfort or a bulkhead seat, some generous flight attendants may even give you a bassinet during long flights. For birthdays or anniversaries, if you are travelling on special occasions, drop the information to the gate agent casually and who knows–you and your partner may get your dream upgrade!

Wherever you go, being amiable with others and expressing gratitude towards them always grants you a pleasant experience. Lia Ocampo, a former flight attendant and author, speaks about her previous flight experiences where she shared that a passenger who calls her by her name is the one that stands out for her. She further explained that her previous airline has the names of flight attendants etched on their uniforms’ wings and so paying attention to that detail and asking for service creates a form of respect and recognition towards the flight attendants. Sometimes a few home-baked cookies or treats from your end may return to you in the form of extra freebies such as refreshments. Also, a handwritten thank you note, some flowers or a cute drawing from little ones are all heartfelt gratitudes that will stay forever onboard with the flight crew.

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