7 NYC’s Delightful Dessert Hotspots You Must Visit

Dive in a delicious pool of chocolate or savour bite-sized Macarons at these delicious dessert spots in NYC!


Sumptuous, drool-worthy desserts––a perfect ending to a delightful meal, a sweet accolade after a long day, or just pure indulgence. There’s unmatched pleasure in devouring a great dessert. The burst of sweetness, flavours and textures across your tongue is just heavenlyNew York City is one such city that never disappoints when it comes to satisfying your sweet tooth. From Michelin-starred restaurants boasting innovative and artistic creations to iconic sweet shops serving classic favourites, NYC has something for every dessert lover. At these NYC dessert hotspots, the offerings are as delicious, varied, and simply exquisite! So, whether you’re craving a slice of the famed sinfully dense, rich chocolate cake or a plate of rhubarb pavlova, these places are sure to leave you wanting more as no one can ever get enough of desserts!




Serendipity3 is home to their world-famous Frrrozen Hot Chocolate and an array of decadent desserts. A historic jewel in New York’s Upper East Side, this one is a go-to favourite since it first opened in 1954. The space allows customers to celebrate the thrill of sumptuous sweets in a lovely, nostalgic setting, with towering sundaes and indulgent pastries. So, don’t forget to savour Serendipity3’s flavourful sundaes and feel like a child again!


Spot Dessert Bar  

Spot Dessert Bar

This St Marks spot does dessert so well! Spot Dessert Bar boasts western style desserts influenced by Eastern flavours crafted like a piece of edible art. It offers a Dessert Tapas, a selection of bite-sized, sweet treats just made for sharing as well as a flavourful selection of ice creams. Their famous Green Tea Lava Cake is a combination of smooth green tea ganache and molten chocolate that will you lick your plate too!


Porter House 

porter house

Surprisingly, for a steakhouse, Porter House serves an exceptional desserts menu featuring rich, dense chocolate cake: South Carolina coconut cake. Made out of fluffy layers topped with sweet icing and a lot of shaved coconut for the perfect crunch, this one should be a must on your list. The space also offers staple NYC desserts such as cheesecake and banana cream pie. Don’t hesitate to complement these delectable desserts with their varied selection of dessert wines!


Marc Forgione

marc forgione

Marc Forgione’s S’mores is the reason for the restaurant’s flourishing fame among New York City’s culinary elite. This traditional campfire delicacy appears trendy once plated, but it definitely stays true to its roots as the marshmallow is presented with a twig. You cannot miss out on their 10-minute chocolate chip cookie served with melted ice-cream for the ultimate sugar rush!


La Bergamote

La Bergamote

 In New York’s dessert treasure trove,  La Bergamote is one such place you must try. Famously known for its sweet concoctions, La Bergamote serves a wide variety of delectable tarts and pastries. Among all things shiny, their most popular dish is one of the simplest: almond croissants. You can also enjoy their freshly-made artisanal pastries that are just as delish as their croissants.  




 Craving a taste of Paris in the heart of New York City, then a visit to Ladurée on Madison Avenue is a must! For those who prefer their dessert with a touch of Parisian elegance, their rainbow of scrumptious macarons is a blessing. From the emblematic Ispahan to the Plaisir Sucré, devour their exclusive creations. Here in the NYC outpost, also savour their newly launched creation Eugénie­­––an unexpected marriage of textures having a crunchy biscuit, a melting centre of the said flavour and a crunchy chocolate coating.


Francois Payard Patisserie

Francois Payard

Francois Payard offers a vast menu of everything from classic eclairs and millefeuille to customised creations like as the Louvre cake—a hazelnut dacquoise, milk chocolate mousse, hazelnut mousse, crunchy, hazelnut wafer, and capped with a dark chocolate glaze. When in New York, do try this Patisserie for a French-themed soulful dessert drive!

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