Photographer- Sasha Jairam
Stylist- Akshay Tyagi
Make-up- Tina Derkse
Hair- Galessi Laura (Beautick)
Jewellery- Damiani
Shoes – YSL
Assisted by – Lu, Sanjana Shah & Riddhi Jain
Wardrobe – Falguni Shane Peacock

A known name in the international fashion circuit, Diipa Büller-Khosla stands as one of the original fashion girls. She is a trailblazer who has carved out an impressive presence on the international stage and even back home. With her impeccable style and a discerning eye for trends even before they pick up, Diipa has consistently set new benchmarks with her style, her elegance, and her will to push the limits.
Following her global success in India and abroad, Diipa remains intrinsically connected to her Indian heritage. This deep-seated cultural pride inspired her to launch her own beauty brand, Indē Wild. At the heart of Indē Wild lies the concept of Ayurvedistry™—a coming together of conscious chemistry and time-honoured Ayurvedic rituals that span over 5,000 years. The freshly minted entrepreneur ensures that each product is crafted to marry ancient wisdom with modern scientific advancements, as a result offering us a skincare experience that is both luxurious and deeply rooted in tradition.
Diipa’s ability to bring together her cultural heritage with contemporary aesthetics—be it in her fashion quotient or her brand—speaks volumes about her farsighted vision and dedication. We caught up with the fashion maven where she graciously shared insights into her journey as an influencer, her passion for fashion and beauty, and the profound motivations that drive her endeavours. Read on for the excerpts.

Q) Tell us about your growing up years. Was fashion and entrepreneurship something that sparked your interest early on?
Yes, I’ve always been passionate about fashion and entrepreneurship. Growing up, I constantly experimented with different styles and ideas influenced by the various cultures and environments I surrounded myself with.

Q) When did you first realise that fashion was your first love and calling?
Probably since I was a little girl, I always felt drawn to fashion and particularly my mother’s saris and silhouettes. I remember when I was around 10 years old, Momi (my mother) was getting ready to go somewhere and she wore the most beautiful saree with pastel colours and I guess the thrill of her dressing it up got me all excited. I’ve always tried to pursue that feeling when I dress up.

Q) How challenging was it back then? You’re one of the OG fashion influencers and digital creators, but was there anything that was an obstacle in your journey?
I think one thing that is really hard is to create authentic content. What’s challenging is when you’re a digital creator you’re surrounded by all these trends and new content ideas, it’s hard to not choose the more comforting path of mimicking what’s doing well instead of taking a risk and creating what you think will do well.

Q) Was there a moment where you felt you’ve “arrived” in fashion? Could you walk us through the moment?
I think it was the moment I was when I was on the cover of Vogue India in October 2021. To be featured in such a monumental and prestigious fashion magazine, I felt on top of the world. Nothing could beat seeing my face on the cover.

Q) How do you stay authentic while collaborating with various brands?
I stay true to my values and only partner with brands that align with my ethos. Authenticity is key to maintaining and communicating with my fans. One of my core values is transparency and humility.

Q) You’re an unstoppable force who is aiming to raise the bar at every given chance. How did you decide to foray into the beauty and wellness industry?
I saw a gap in the market for authentic, inclusive beauty products and my passion for holistic wellness inspired me to dive right in. There was a clear gap in the market for skincare which was lacking in catering to minority skin so I filled it.

Q) How was Indē wild born?
Indē Wild was born from my desire to create a holistic beauty brand that celebrates diversity, desi empowerment, and Ayurvedic treatment alongside scientific kinds. It started with a vision to merge beauty and desi tradition, and now it is selling off shelves.

Q) How did you decide on what would be the first product that needed to be launched? How did you then go on to decide the rest of the products?
At Indē wild, our community and their problems have been at the forefront of innovation. We held multiple focus groups and through this we understood their issues and went on to create the AM and PM serum. After the grand success, I knew Momi’s traditions and our family recipe of the Champi hair oil had to be put out in the world. From there on, all product development and launches have been carefully done keeping our philosophy in mind.

Q) Can you tell what goes into developing any product at Indē wild?
It involves research, formulation, testing, and redoing based on feedback. We focus on putting our customer first–their opinions, reviews, and desires are at the topmost front of our product development.

Q) Who has been your biggest inspiration in your journey of having a beauty line?
My biggest inspiration has been my mother. Her dedication to incorporating Indian tradition to complement her scientific knowledge is empowering and inspiring.

Q) What were the challenges you faced while creating Indē wild? Do they persist? How do you tackle them?
Initial funding and market entry were challenging, but persistence and having a support system that believed in our brand helped overcome them. Ongoing challenges are now met head-on as a team and with resilience to overcome whatever it may be.

Q) As a fashion influencer, you’ve aced the social media game. How did you leverage that for indē wild?
I used my platform to share authentic stories and product benefits, posting vulnerable and real-life struggles to create a layer of transparency and intimacy with my followers.

Q) What are the next-in-line products at Indē wild?
Innovation in hair care and skin care. There are many exciting things in the pipeline!

Q) What are your go-to skincare and beauty products?
Ofcourse, all Indē wild products make it into my regular skincare and haircare routine. Apart from that, I use the Tatcha Cleanser, Dove’s Bath and Body products and Augustinus Bader Moisturiser.

Q) What do you enjoy most about being a crucial part of the fashion and beauty industry?
I love creativity and the ability to inspire and empower others. Being part of a dynamic industry is thrilling and being a leader with a voice to speak is even more rewarding.

Q) How do you envision the evolution of the beauty and influencer industry in the coming years?
I see it becoming more inclusive, sustainable, and driven by genuine connections. There will be less aspiration marketing and more relatable and honest marketing. The focus will be on authenticity and building real-time, real-life connections.

Q) How do you prioritise self-care and mental health amidst a busy schedule?
I set boundaries and dedicate time for relaxation and mindfulness. Self-care is non-negotiable for me, even if it’s 10 minutes a day of closing my eyes and meditating or speaking affirmations while I do my morning routine. I always make time for it.

Q) This interview wouldn’t be complete without talking about your charitable initiative “Post for change”. You’ve also collaborated with UNICEF and UNFPA in the past. Can you share the ideology of your NGO? And how can one support the initiative?
“Post for Change” is an organisation that cultivates the immense reach of social media and uses it to tackle important social and global matters. One can support by spreading awareness, following us on social media to join in on advocating events or simply donating. More details can be found on https://www.postforchange.org

Q) What is your vision for the future of your brand and yourself?
Indē wild and I are on the path of immense growth and success fueled by the love we are getting from our community. I would love Indē wild to be the first truly global homegrown brand and also be a big win for India. Hopefully our launch in Sephora UK and USA by the end of the year will turn our dreams into reality. We want to bring the lost traditions and our rich culture to everyone around the world to enjoy, and our team is working tirelessly to fulfil this mission.

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