Brimming with cerulean tides, bleached pink skies, ivory sandbanks, and mesmerizing ocean sunsets, Maldives is a sanctum of serenity for every thalassophile. The nation has a whopping 1200 islands, countless exotic beaches, and several luxury stay options that include some of the best luxury beach hotels in the world. But the popular tourist country is not immune to the pitfalls of climate change. According to the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, a majority of the islands in the Maldives will be underwater within decades. This lowest-lying country in the world is at the forefront of the irreversible damages caused due to climate change like surging sea levels, harmful effects to the coral reefs, marine fauna and flora, and many more. Due to this urgency, many luxury resorts in Maldives are increasing efforts to conserve the ecosystem and natural environment of the country.

Ecotourism in Maldives has developed significantly due to the conscious efforts of a few luxury resorts and hotel chains in the island nation. Along with providing the best, luxury hospitality, these eco-resorts in Maldives have employed many sustainable practices and policies that could go a long way in preserving harmony in the region’s natural ecosystem. The ultimate luxury travel advisor, TPM, has highlighted the best luxury eco-resorts in Maldives who are bringing to you a luxury vacation along with a completely sustainable and climate-conscious travel experience.

Table of Contents :
1. Baros, Maldives
2. Soneva Fushi
3. Gili Lankanfushi
4. Six Senses Laamu
5. Taj Exotica Resort & Spa

[1] Baros, Maldives

Entrenched in the most scenic island of the country, Baros is one of the best luxury eco-resorts in Maldives. The lush tropical island of Baros is located at the North Male Atoll, a 25-minute speedboat ride away from the Male Airport. Awarded as Indian Ocean’s Most Romantic Resort in 2017, Baros is the ultimate luxury retreat for couples seeking an incredible honeymoon experience.

Practicing green initiative for almost 40 years, the luxury resort has recruited sustainable practices such as recycling water which is reused for irrigating the gardens, using LED lighting systems to save energy, air conditioning systems that are CFC free, and heating water in the resort by using heat exchange appliances. The cleaning agents and materials used by the luxury resort are biodegradable.

The luxury resort in Maldives offers a Reef Check Program to the guests. The luxury resort also allows the guests to adopt a coral under the Coral Planting Project. The hotel monitors the growth of the coral and updates the guests every six months by sending a picture.
You could luxuriate at one of their breathtaking sandstone and timber villas that are perched on stilts over the ocean. They also provide stay options at the shoreline villas nestled amid the lush, tropical woods on the island. The guests at this luxury resort in Maldives can also revel in many water adventure sports including diving and snorkeling.
Approximate cost: $756 – $2033
You can find the booking details of Baros, Maldives here.

[2] Soneva Fushi

Ruling the gold list of almost every luxury travel advisor, the Soneva group of luxury resorts has been practicing sustainable tourism for more than 15 years. The holiday experience offered by Soneva Fushi focuses on ‘barefoot luxury’. The prime attractions of this luxury eco-resort are the aesthetically pleasing water villas featuring infinity pools and a water slide as well as chic suites hidden amid the lush, tropical woods on the island.

The construction of the 65 villas and suites at one of the best eco-friendly luxury resorts in Maldives has been done majorly using locally sourced materials. In addition to this, the luxury resort offers authentic Maldivian cuisine using ingredients that are grown and sourced locally. Soneva Fushi follows a zero-waste approach, i.e, all the waste materials are recycled and reused. It has also stopped the use of single-use plastic. The ban on plastic imports on this island means clean and unhindered diving and snorkeling experiences for the guests. Being one of the pioneers of green tourism, Soneva Fushi has perfected the way of sustainable tourism and promoted ecotourism in Maldives significantly.

Approximate cost: $3890 – $40170
Find the booking details of Soneva Fushi here.

[3] Gili Lankanfushi


One of the top luxury resorts in Maldives, Gili Lankanfushi is built on a small island on the North Male Atoll. One can experience one-of-a-kind, sustainable luxury at this Maldives eco-resort. Emphasizing barefoot luxury, the guests have to remove their shoes as soon as they enter the boat at the airport. The luxury villas at this eco-resort are constructed out of sustainable materials and they grow and source the ingredients locally.


Redefining ecotourism in Maldives, Gili Lankanfushi has a dedicated desalination plant that provides glass-bottled, still, and sparkling water to the guests. The anti-plastic paradise uses toiletries that are made of organic materials and placed in refillable earthenware containers.
Gili Lankanfushi has recently opened up a marine biology center called Gili Veshi. It acts as a research center as well as provides education and awareness about the fragile, marine environment in the region. It also offers activities for adults and children like reef cleaning and treasure hunts.

Approximate cost: $2481 – $17680
Find the booking details of Gili Lankanfushi here.

[4] Six Senses Laamu

Established in the Laamu Atoll in Maldives, Six Senses Laamu is one of the best luxury eco-resorts in Maldives. The only luxury resort on the Laamu Atoll, Six Senses is the ultimate stay destination for couples, families, and friends. One can revel in the scenic tropical beauty of an uninhabited island as well as contribute towards ecotourism in Maldives.

Awarded as Maldives’ Eco-Resort of the Year in 2017 and 2019, Six Senses Laamu has built its luxurious water villas using locally sourced sustainable materials. The Marine Team at the resort, one of the largest of its kind, undertakes education and awareness programs related to the marine environment to sensitize the guests towards the cause. The Maldives eco-resort strives to promote sustainability underwater as well as on land. Aiming at zero-waste, self-reliance, and self-sufficiency, Six Senses inspires the masses to holiday sustainably and consciously.

Approximate cost – $1527 – $6166
Find the booking details of Six Senses Laamu here.

[5] Taj Exotica Resort & Spa

Extending its supreme hospitality services in the island nation, Taj Exotica Resort & Spa is easily one of the best luxury resorts in Maldives. It is an EarthCheck certified eco-resort that has employed sustainable practices to reduce carbon footprints.

Developing ecotourism in Maldives further, the green resort has installed facilities for collecting and using rainwater and implemented a Reef Charge Program to preserve the delicate coral reefs of the island. The guests/divers at this resort can build corals of their own. The resort has a waste management system to effectively recycle waste materials.

Approximate cost – starts from $2250
Find the booking details of Taj Exotica Resort & Spa here

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